Monday, August 30, 2010

Diet meal..

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My lunch = egg + variety of veges inside..

sprinkle some black pepper + salt on it..

My hometown best kong piang!!

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everytime I balik to my hometown --- Sitiawan, I will buy this kong piang..

super delicious kong piang..

and eat together with the best cendol next door...

no word can describe it...

very soon, this Raya break, I can eat them again!!!! yeah!!!

still remember two years ago, it was yuan yuan's 1st time to sitiawan and tried the kong piang,
and he fall in love with them~

now, kong piang, kampuang and cendol are the reasons he wanna go Sitiawan again..haha

these are the pictures taken 2 yrs ago.

my two lovely sister..

pointing his name..haha

countdown... 1 more week, here I come Sitiawan!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


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today after church, I suddenly think of the old old games ..

"yuan san, why not we buy joystick and play games!!"

"good ah!! ok, let's go!"

so, we bought a pair of joysticks..

and guess what we play?

Tank, ice-breaker, twin bees..and many more!!

and he was very happy today coz I played together with him~!


a lesson from book: give something your lover likes, not giving something that u think he'll like.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


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苦瓜鸡饭是one of yuanyuan's favorite

so, tonight we cooked 苦瓜鸡饭 + 曹菜汤

苦瓜鸡饭 做法 和姜葱鸡煮法一样,只是多加了苦瓜和carrot.





meeting old friend & newborn baby

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today met my old old fren from my hometown , Ah Woon.

We have known each other since kindergarten..

what an old fren.. he's my best buddy in Sitiawan ..

we had lunch together today...

(ah woon on left and his gf on right)

after the lunch, I went to Mahkota Hospital to see this little prince..

my ex-colleague's new born baby boy..

kawaii neh...

I feel so touch when I see him... such a cute little boy..

I wish I can have one too...but i think two yrs later bah..

3.2 Kg...

Ah Gan ( my colleague , sitting) and her husband (standing)

She told me her next station after full moon = Marie France bodyline.


i think i'll do the same next time..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pasar Ramadan..

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Stay in Malaysia manyak bagus..

one year got sooooo many holidays and festivals..

I love Malaysia!!!

( now i know why God put me in Malaysia and not North pole)

just this month only, wanna diet also cannot... coz.. too many nice food waiting for me..

various kuih-muih and malay food at Ramadan pasar petang, and various flavors of mooncakes...

step by step..I'll eat them all!!!

last week i ate green tea mooncake, so this week malay food..

so, this evening after work, we also kepoh kepoh (busy body) went to the biggest pasar petang..and shop together with hundreds -- thousands of Malays..

( the Ramadan pasar petang very long oo.. like pigi holland that far)

this Ramadan Pasar petang really no playplay, got big speakers for the announcement "kereta proton yang bertanda MBK !#$%%^, sila alihkan kenderaan anda.. saya ulang sekali.. #$$#%&%

geng leh... 1st time i saw pasar petang can make announcement one.. too bad they didnt play the music, aisehman.. must fully utilize the resources mah.. (sorry, coz my major is Economics, so.... )

very happy coz bought many food that we love

ayam nasi tomato (RM4) and nasi lemak ayam kampung (RM6.5!!!mahal betuii!!!)

but at the end, i can only look at yuan yuan..

watching him eating nice chicken nasi lemak..

while me? only licking the chicken bone...coz i forgot i have gum ache..

"yuan san, do you know why i only cook simple meals like vege and fried egg at home?"

" coz you lazy cook such nice food lor"

"no hor.. coz i know you can eat all these nice food out thr, so I cook those super simple meal at home, coz you can't get those simple meals elsewhere mah.."


and after the meal.. itu dia...

Bed time...toy story & music

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my bed = little farm (little cow, pig, bear, sheep, lamb.. )

and 2 more yuan Yuan's bears tumpang to play with them.

(toy story)

This is what I enjoy the most !! listen to some instrumental music, and worshiping song...


when we were old nxt time, this will be our most precious memory..


Bento 1st ..

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This Bento looks cute and easy.. maybe I should try to start with this 1st!!

erm.. but i think Yuan yuan love this one more.. (below)

photo taken from mybentolicious & mamamaiasaura

something new

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eat porridge till vomit..

time to change other food..

this morning made "benjo" for yuan yuan,

but too bad I can't eat...

so, i made sweet potato soup..and oatmeal banana pancake
( again??? !! yalor, coz healthy mah.. )

after this meal, I gonna think of nxt meal.. tmr's 3 meals..

ahh...headache ahh ..

so, today, I have tooth gum ache + headache..

my snack..but i can only look at it..coz..forgot to bring milk..aii..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Farewell dinner

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my big bro Jeaksin and my small bro CJ, I'm gonna miss you dua..

since last yr.. many bro left.. bro Yu Heng, bro Chez haw..and many more.. ai.. but...

Yuan san, thank God that you are still here.. ^_^

New books!!

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yeah..Finally i can read the books which I've ordered from book fair few months back..

MMU library very effective!

Eat like Python

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Breakfast + Lunch in office..(cheese tomato sandwich + orange juice)

I have my wisdom tooth gum abscess since 4 days ago and still yet to recover..
(that's why I didn't blogging abt food these few days.. T_T)

and I could barely eat porridge and soft bread/bun.

swallow without chewing, eating like a Phyton... T_T

ps: pls pray for me that I dont have to remove my wisdom tooth... thanks!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

chocolate banana drink

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sometimes, banana ripes so fast that you can't afford to eat them all at once...

I face this problem too..

well, I normally i only bought half comb of banana (roughly 6-7 bananas) and i can't finished them all as they ripened together...

moreover, yuan yuan doesn't like bananas..

(香菇,香蕉。。。香的东西他都不吃。。 weird huh??!!。。)

so, i gonna finished them all..

so, sometimes I purposely make banana muffin coz of banana, banana pancakes also because of unfinished banana..

today, again, i made banana chocolate milk due to unfinished banana too...

worrying that it'll be over ripe, I've peeled the skin and stored in fridge so that it could last at least 2 more days..

so, after the lunch, i enjoy the drink while surfing the net..

it cost at least RM5 per glass in cafe, and it's very far to travel all the way to town just to have a glass of banana chocolate milk.. so, it's better make on our own . .


1) chill the glass (keep in freezer)

2) mash 1-2 bananas, add in half cup of milk (or water mixed with milk powder)

3) pour the chocolate syrup along the chilled glass in spiral circular form

4) pour (2) into the glass, add ice cube.

5) put a straw and serve. :)

*you may freezed the milk and blend with the banana using blender to make ice blended drink.

I believe kids will love this drink and we dont need to force them to eat banana..

I use this!

it was given by cindy as she bought the wrong type of syrup.

she wanted the "shell" to top her ice cream. so , when you pour this one on top of ice cream or anything cold, it'll hardened and became a layer of hard shell..

So, make sure you don't get the wrong one.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Porridge of the day..

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due to ulcer, yuan yuan can only eat porridge ..

so, tonight we cook porridge together..

as we have no experience in cooking chicken porridge,

so, we just simply dumped in whatever ingredient that we like..

and the result was amazing, it tastes good!

Ingredients: chicken breast meat (minced), rice, grated ginger, china salted vegetable (must wash before use)

topping: fried onion, scallion (spring onion)

this is the china salted vege

the dessert this afternoon, chilled banana + chocolate syrup.. :)


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自从我把衣橱小姐嫁给Mr. storeroom 后,



让我有机会收留了Ms Piano在我睡房, 所以真的太感谢Mr storeroom了~

而且现在有自己的 storeroom + 更衣室了!!)


家有一storeroom, 如有一宝。

以后, 有了自己的家,我必须要隔出两间storerooms,

一间给远远放他 “乌鸡巴拉” (有这样的成语吗?对不起,我华文很烂)的东西。。

另一间则让我放我“giligulu” 的东西。。 嗯, 就这么决定。。。



Friday, August 20, 2010

Super easy Banana Pancake recipe

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for guys especially.. this is super easy version..

Oatmeal Banana pancake recipe:
2 ripen banana ( especially the banana skin started to have dark spots)
3 Tbsp Flour
half cup milk
1 egg
4 -5 Tbsp quaker oat (instant or cooking type but not rolled oat)
half pinch of salf
quarter tsp baking powder

1) flour + baking powder + salt (mix in a bowl)
2) in another bowl, beat egg, add in milk, mashed banana and stir till well mixed.
3) sieve the dry ingredient (1) into (2), gently mix the mixture, DO NOT OVER MIXED, the batter should looks like thick porridge

** add milk if too thick, add flour or oatmeal if too watery.

4) rest for half an hour ( or over night in fridge, normally i prepare a night before)

5) pour 1 Tbsp batter on the hot non-stick frying pan, when u see the bubble, flip it and cook the other side until golden brown.

6) serve with all kinds of fruits , maple syrup or honey or chocolate syrup


*if you don't have non-stick frying pan, fold a piece of kitchen towel, and wet with some oil, then wipe the pan every time before u fry the pancake.

*if you don't like banana or oat, you may replace with others.

* If you do not have honey or syrup, add in 1 - 2 tbsp of condense milk into step (2)

I use honey and chocolate syrup..normally i only fry 5 - 6 pieces (control diet), and keep the batter in fridge for the nxt day's breakfast.

Enjoy! ^_^

Worship Jamming

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jamming for this Sunday worship last night..

worship leader, Uncle chik (pak chik, my papa in church )

learn a new song.. Lord be Thou near to me

the smallest drum stick so far that i've seen as compared to the normal one..
not sure whose drum sticks it is, just grabbed it last night near the drum set and play,
and found that it was a great drum stick!
will try to look for this kind of drum stick nxt time..

getting ready before the jamming.. they are great musician! love to jam with them!!

too bad bassist didn't turn up last night, looking forward to have second practice this Sat morning.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

all fries.. no good for health..

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open the fridge, looking up down, left right, korek here korek there, and found very little leftover veges, and rice..

not enough to cook many dishes, so, just combined all into one dish ...

fried rice with veges, topped with fried egg + tomato sauce , fried veges

orange + carrot juice

Super easy and tasty egg recipe:

1) fried the scramble egg like normal,
2) when it's cooked, off fire,
3) mix well with half TBsp of tomato sauce..
4) serve on a plate~ done!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Time making bento

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As promised, I've made the 1st Cartoon bento for Yuan Yuan.

but he didn't eat in office,

instead I sent the bento to him during lunch hour and he ate it in the car.

belum try, belum tau.. lepas try , baru tau begitu susah..

It's really not easy to make the cartoon bento..

u see my output you should know how tough it is and how terrible it is ..(aiya..... coz you dont have skill mah..)

ya, i admit, i'm not good in art... T_T

so, the ugly penguin pairs was actually the omelet, while the eyes, mouth were made up of seaweeds.

and here's the side dishes..
today I made tempura veges again..

but with different veges..

from left: yam, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas,and ladies fingers.

erm.....will try to make cuter bento for yuan yuan nxt time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rainy Monday..

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today 7 early 8 early, I woke up at 7am, squeezed a glass of orange juice and made a cheese tomato bread for yuan yuan san..

I didnt' prepare bento as I respect him that he needs to observe the working environment 1st.

and praise God we have time for lunch together today ^_^

although it just a very short lunch time, but we feel it so precious..

(not like last time, we still can do shopping or walk around after lunch)

and finally he got his name tag..
so many he needs to wear..

and today he's able to get back home early, and we have time to go pasar malam together ^_^

rain started when we got back from Pasar malam...

*ding!*...suddenly i got an idea..

"yuan san, we made steamboat tonight ya.."

"erm.. ok"

"steamboat at my room ya?"

"huh??... you really like play jia jia jiu hor.."


so, at the end, he also boh bien, has to agree..wahhahahah..

see his helpless face?? hahaha

so, tonight our rice cooker didn't cook rice but tomyam soup~

as usual, we eat lots of veges..

This is our 1st time having steamboat in the room...

eating on the bed is one of my favorite habit~

It feels so nice and comfortable when we eat something hot and spicy in the cold room while raining out thr.

I love rainy day!!

Steamboat, it just a simple meal...

but, it spares time for me and yuan yuan to have a long chit chat..

listening to his 1st working day experience while enjoying my dinner...

the joyfulness is just unspeakable~


Healthy Recipes

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