Sunday, August 30, 2009

A book a day, keeps my brain alive

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Being an academician is really not easy.

You gonna read a lot!! a lot!!! and think a lot!! and a lot!!!

well, I'm a person who likes collecting books, but no time to read books (lazy actually)

why I dont read so much book now? because of INTERNET!!!

when u on your pc, your eyes just can't stop.

still remember during my secondary school life, I used to read abundant of Enid Blyton's mystery books. some are in english but most are in Malays.

I read more than 20 of his books within a month.

That time, the books never get off from my hands, i even hang it in bathroom and read it while showering myself. Increadible huh?

yea, not only that, one thing that I think most of you would envy me is..

I read books on a rambutan tree!!

My house have many trees, nothing to do during holiday, so I just climb up the tree and sat on it and plucked the reddish rambutan on the tree..

then i eat one by one while read the story book... then my grandma couldn't find me all the time and my dad wonder why the rambutan skin keep dropping down from the tree.

but now, I no longer read Enid Blyton's book. I'm reading all these banking, finance and statistic softwares... I love them. .. but just that the environment is too seductive. (internet n lots of movie online lor..)

therefore, starting today, I must go back to my reading life.. read while eat, sleep and bath and XXX in toilet. Really enjoying.. too bad, no tree for me climb up now.


forget it , let's read books!!! and be a wiser and smarter lady..

bible .. I'll try to finish reading it too.. coz God says, "the beginning of the knowledge is knowing God"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A reminder for myself

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子晶的blog 看到,很感动,所以就copy了remind 我自己。

A Reminder, myself~



taken from

Dinner for 2

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Tonight went Pasar Malam and bought some vegetables.

My dad said don't eat too much chicken.. no good..

eat more fish and vegetables...

so, I bought and cook and eat them all...

not very nice la.. but healthy.

not nice...aii.. dont like vege la...

yam... quite nice..

ABC soup.. can accept la...

Pumkin dessert

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Do you know what is Happiness??

Happiness is when someone cook something very nice and send to your house for u.

I'm so happy to have such a brother. Thank you , Ah Xin lao da...

Chocolate Oatmeal Flakes cookies

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Berry Easy (cos i like blue berry, so very = berry)

less than half an hour can finish baking, washing & storing cookies.

Try !! you'll have no regrets.


I add corn flakes and nestum too..

I don't use Chocolate spread, I use chocolate chips..

step 1 2 3

*make sure u beat in egg then only add flour and other dry ingredients, dont add egg n flour together!!

Step 4: H1N1, use clean fork, don't use your dirty Tumb!!!

let them cold..

then only put them in air tight container

Sunday, August 23, 2009


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I always feel proud for being a Hok Chew.

When I tell my friends that I'm a Hok Chew, they were so surprised and ask me to say more Hok Chew language.

I still remember when I enter Uni with my cousin , Wei Chu, we both speak hok chew language. His housemate say " you two speak alien's language again!!!"

It's so convenient as no one knows what we are talking about. So, it makes me feel more happy for being a Hok Chew girl. Afterall, my roomate are from Sitiawan everyday we speak Hok Chew and no one in our house understand what we are talking about.

During my uni life, I get to know many Sarawakian in Church . 99.9% of them are Hok Chew people. That makes me feel like i'm not alone. The feeling is the same like when you study in Africa, and you meet a small group of chinese, ya.. that feeling. ( a bit over exaggerate... -_-)

so, I always treasure my time with them together. However, I found that my accent and the sarawakian's hok chew accent are a bit different. But now, i can fully understand after few years together with them.

When I went to industrial training visiting my students, student's company boss will ask me
" Where are you from? "
"oh, I'm from Sitiawan."
" is it?? then u must be a hok chew "
"yahh.. i am Hok Chew" "
"Hok Chew people are very hardworking, I wish to employ Hok Chew people. I have many Hok chew friends too"

wahh sehhh..... this makes me feel more proud to be a Hok Chew.

I even heard my aunt say, if you go US , you can call a hotline specially for Hok Chew. So, if you need any help, you can get assistance from them.

Quite a number of the new generation in Sitiawan nowadays do not speak Hok Chew. For my generation, those who borned in 1980s, most of them study in Methodist school, so they can speak English very well, and they rarely speak mandarin, they only speak English in school and Hok chew at home.

I really wanna thank my grandma, because of her, i can speak hok chew well. Even when we are in school, we speak Hok Chew and not mandarin.

However, for those who born in the late 1980s and 1990s, they no longer speak Hok Chew. Most of my sisters' friends speak mandarin. Even my mom and dad speak mandarin to my younger sisters and my younger brothers. But still thanks to my grandma, they can speak and understand Hok Chew.

Hok Chew food are delicious, especially Kam Puang and Gong Piang and Red wine noodles... if I have a chance, I'll cook and post in my blog. hehehe..

My dad called me tonight. Telling me his friend's daugthers or son who married other dialects are grumbling. Why? I do not know this until my dad told me. His friend's daughter married a "other dialects" man, and everymonth, her husband need to give money for his parents. It's truly correct and rightful to give pocket money for parents, but, not for living expenses, yet the money is for the parents to play Majung...

sadly to hear that, most of my friends tell me the same problem. Their husbands need to give RM500 -RM1000 at least for both parents. Living in a city is not easy , but these parents not thinking for their children but to save their "face". when they go out play majung, they'll tell their friends that my children gave me money to play majung.

Hok Chew's parents are totally different. They'll help their children when the start working by helping them buy car 1st. so, when they can earn their own living, will teach the children to save money to buy house. They'll have a very good planning of retirement and wont burden the children when they are afford. When they get really old and uncapable, only they'll ask their children to take care of them. Bear in mind by that time, their children have settle down and able to bear the expenses for their parents. Sadly to say, many of other dialects parents tend to think " my child should take care of my living expenses once they start working, I should retired and enjoy life".

My dad bought a car for me when i graduate.. ( I think most of my hok chew's fren parents will do this too) Then, He ask me save money to buy house 1st and never buy luxurious car. Tonight he even ask me to marry a Hok Chew man and ask me to tell the samething to my sisters and brothers.

ps: this is only from my point of view, I dont' mean every "other dialects" parents are like that. But 90% of my friends who married other dialects people are having this problems. What about you?

Mold + cookies

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molds bought from Daiso at RM5 each...


Purpose Driven Life~

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This book is recommended!!!

Then you'll know the purpose living in this world

Monday, August 17, 2009

Storing my makeup stuff...

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even though I don't have much makeup and skin care products, but these little things have messed up my makeup desk...

so, I store them all in one box...

problem sloved!

My perfume collection

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Perfume is a luxury things, so I won't spend much on that.

So far, I only bought 3 perfumes, one has been given to my 2nd sister as her graduation gift.

then only left 2 for myself..

given by Cindy

also given by Cindy too

Ayer Keroh - MITC

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Nowadays, MITC (Melaka International Trade Centre) in melaka has developed a lot...
.even though we don't have 'world' trade centre, but we still have 'international' trade centre...

There's a huge roundabout and this Planetarium is located inside the roundabout..

(if you don't see the signboard, you may think it's a mosque)

you may see lots of Bunga Raya.. along the roundabout...

but make sure u can find the entrance to go into Planetarium

I made 2 rounds to find the way in...

taadaaaa... here's the planetarium.

it claims to be the most high tech in Asian countries..

how high tech it is? u go then u'll know.

well, i guess I'm not a good model, too fat.. need to diet a bit..

anyway, the planetarium cost RM4 (if you have student card, and before 31 Aug)

after 31 Aug, should be RM8 with student card.

All I can say, it's worth going.

The prettiest building ( in my opinion) is TM little rebung..

because its architecture looks very high tech, and not like a mosques like all other buildings thr.....

at the reception counter... (model : Wendy, my office mate)
we went there together to sign up for TM streamyx autobill payment.

then a decoration shop caught our eyes on our way out from MITC...

KK home deco.. KK (is not kota kinabalu la...)

It is owned by chinese taukeh from KL..

things look nice..but price also quite expensive..

but sometimes, it looks a bit Modern Malay style..

I still prefer lovely lace...

Thanks to Wendy for becoming my model.. ^_^

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My colleague's Huat kuih~

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after shifting to new office, I have many colleagues supplying one another with tea , bread and lots of pastry.

Recently, one of my colleague - Gerald, he made something that really amazed me!

2 days ago, he made Yam kuih, and give us try. I didn't took the photos as I thought that was bought somewhere (he told us we believe) when we almost finish eating it, he told us that he made those yam Kuih!!!

I was soo surprise as he never give me an impression that he can cook , what's more making Kuih!!!

I can bake and cook, i can't make kuih, coz i found them very difficult.

That's why when i got to know he can make kuih, that really surprising me as making Kuih is a tough job for me.

today, he made Huat Kuih!!! (see the pic above)

I'm so looks the same like the one i saw in shop..

all I can say is .. wow!! (follow by)... amazing~

ganbate, Gerald!!

Koko Black , Melbourne

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Melbourne is famous with a chocolate shop/cafe name KOKO BLACK...

why ? because their coco is black...-_-|||

I'm not sure why they name so, check its website at

There are 2 branches actually, one at Lygon Street, another one at Royal Arcade at the Bourke street.

here's the Royal Arcade at Bourke Street

second floor...

we sit beside window...
what a special window...

I can't describe the feeling, it's so Englishhh.... style... of high tea..

2 ladies...

actually , 3 ladies but Betty (Taiwanese friend) went to ANZ bank next door..

Cindy say this coco drink is better than the normal coco cafe shop...

those coco can throw into Yarra river (the river in Melbourne)

KOKO black not only sell drink, but also sell chocolates...

sorry, i no make up, so look pale, pls see cindy's pic above, it'll make the KOKO black look tastier...haha

we order the set meal...

2 cups of hot chocolate (taste coconut milk) ,
(from left) ice cream, mousse (mint flavor) chocolate, cookies and a cupcake/muffin.

A$22..ahh!!!..bankrupt.. (RM66)

Outside the cafe, (ground floor)

me outside the cafe..


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