Sunday, November 25, 2007


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Lord, this is the song I want to dedicate to you.

"Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
within your mighty hand
*When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God
Find rest my soul
In Christ aloneKnow his power
In quietness and trust"


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生命源头 - 上帝

生命喜悦 - 上帝

生命主宰 - 上帝

生命目的 - 上帝

生命结束后 - 还是上帝

。。 除了上帝以外, 我无别的神。。

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My favourite animal - Lamb

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this lamb is not mine, it belongs to Afamosa Animal safari~

Birthday Cakes

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This cake no play play. Sit aeroplane before come to me one.. hehe..It is made by HOHO in the morning when he was in Sarawak (Bintulu). Then, he bring the cake here in the evening thru plane leh..very nice sarawak smell~....really touched! Thank you very much HOHO..

The second cake that I received is the fabulous and @#$%^& ( dunno how to describe, coz too tasty) YOU CAN'T EVEN GET THIS FROM SECRET RECIPE, It was fantastic!!! can fight with 5 stars hotel's cheese cake!!! AAHHH!!!! I want some more!!!! Lim teck is my future bro in law..wahahahah...his birthday is just one day before me..paiseh, coz i didnt' make anything for him..hehehe..coz i dun dare..he's too geng~

This is the 3rd Cake made by Lor Teen, this is her 1st time to bake chocolate cake, very touched ~ can eat can eat..not bad..

little bear by Lor Teen

visit by old friends~ touched touched~

Recipe Book by Limteck + liyen

No play play... Indian Idols...but he's a chinese~

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Meiyang Chang is a contestant and a finalist of Indian Idol 3. He was born on 6 October 1982. He is 24 years old. He is the first Indian contestant of Chinese origin to reach the top 5 of the Indian Idol 3 singing competition.[1] He is a dentist by profession and was born in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. He is a third generation Chinese whose grandparents came to India from Hubei province in China many years ago
Fans and Supporters

Chang has become a hero of sort for the Chinese communities living in India, the majority of which are concentrated in the city of Kolkata. His presence and performance in the Indian Idol competition has earned him not only the support and appreciation of his own communities but also that of other Indian communities. This goes to show the secular nature of the Indian people for accepting him as one of their own and showing their support for him. Chang’s mother was reported to have petitioned the Chinese community to support his son in the competition. This has met with a positive response from the local Chinese club with the club secretary declaring the community intention to do their utmost to support him with their votes

Chang was eliminated on 25 August 2007 after reaching the top 5 of the competition. It was reported as a shocking elimination as he performed well the night before and so did Amit Paul, another hot favorite contestant who was also in the danger zone. One of the judges, Alisha Chinai, was so shocked by his elimination and prompted her to leave the stage in protest and in tears. Later she came back on stage on the request of Chang, she gave him her favorite baseball cap and watched his last performance on the Indian Idol stage prompting quite a few people to shed their tears. He came back to make a special appearance on 30 August 2007 in Indian Idol because of popular demand according to the host and also sang one of the songs he sang in the competition. He also indicated that he has visited Alisha, who has chosen not to appear as a judge because of his elimination, so as to request her to return to the show as the judge.

taken from

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Birthday Celebration at Family heritage

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I think it's God's will that it rains heavily today that we couldn't go far for my birthday, we decided to have it at Family Heritage, Bukit Beruang.

*no service tax or government tax

*save petrol to travel to town

* and most important - our time

Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy birthday to me~ 3rd November 2007

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11月3日。。。 (3rd November)

我最爱的日子。。(my favorite day...)

我的生日。。。(my birthday)

就在这天。。(falls on this day)

Thanks to Lynn for all her effort to organize this little party at pizza hut batu berendam...

Thanks to Huay Huay for giving me "face" to come as she's pregnant now..really paiseh...
Thanks to Pei Ling for her sexy and nice dress on my birthday gathering (coz very hard to see her dress so sexy...hahah)

Thanks to Jean wei for fetching me.... make me like a little princess...

Special thanks to my colleagues ("friends" is a more proper word)for celebrating for me. Really thanks to you guys.... a low profile person, I used to celebrate quiet quiet at home...coz very "malu" to celebrate outside whereby everyone will look at me....(when think of this, my face starts blushing...)

.....and thanks to Wendy, Bro Poh wing, Tuan Hock and Ying zhee for the birthday present as well

" Dear God, continue to be with me and bless me until my last breathe on this earth ....Pray in Jesus name...Amen"


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这家店位于马六甲的kg. Lapan, 还蛮难找的,兜了整4圈才找到。。不是因为偏僻而是因为那条路是jalan sehala,而且店是反方向的,所以很难才找到。。

Order 了牛肉面,排骨面和炸酱面。(忘了order猪脚面。。唉)



可以这么说吧,但是味道很奇怪,酸又带辣。。又不像asam laksa那样,很难形容。。。




排骨面很好吃哟,可能习惯吧,排骨好像鸡扒那样,香脆可口,汤也很正常。。 well done~

炸酱面就有点普通。。 可能这家店专注在牛肉面和排骨面, 所以其他的都很普通。 哦,对了,你休想吃到米粉或粗大的面条,这里的面全都是类式像粿条那样的面。。。而已。 到了这店,才知道原来分行就在Melaka Raya 那里,但不晓得味道如何。 应该会比这里的差吧,为什么这么说呢?因为老板娘在这店,而不是在melaka Raya 的分行啊。


最后出来时才发现,原来店名为-------台湾著名川味牛肉面大王 。。。


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