Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Season of loneliness
风吹落最后一片叶 我的心也飘着雪
爱只能往回忆里退减  oh 给下个季节 忽然间树上冒花蕊  我怎么会都没有感觉 oh 整条街都是恋爱的人 我独自走在南风的夜  多想要向过去告别 当季节不停更迭 却还是少一点坚决  在这寂寞的季节  太阳高照在那海边 爱情盛开的世界 远远看着热闹一切 记得那狂烈  窗外是快枯黄的叶 感伤在心中有一些 oh 我了解那些爱过的人 只是如何慢慢在凋谢  多想要向过去告别 当季节不停更迭 却永远少一点坚决 在这寂寞的季节  又走过风吹的冷夜 最后一盏灯熄灭 ……             在这寂寞的季节 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Malaysia Hotline

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Service Choir

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These are my church aunty and uncle.

so touch to see them singing for God.

and Just found that I've not been serving God for a long time..


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Peanut butter + blue berry jam = my only favorite jam

Little spoons and forks

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bought this little cute forks and spoons from Daiso..

very small that I can put in my purse.

Last Sunday lunch

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I fogot to post this for the last 2 sundays.

I cooked chicken herb soup with tomato egg again.. ngiao nigao ngiaooo...

coz i love it very much..heehhe..

toilet paper roll

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giant toothpaste??

no, it's toilet paper roll.


New biscuits

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just bought some mold and bake these little animals cookies..


there are pig, elephant , squirrel, rabbit and dog.



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not feeling well, so i cook porridge with canned fish..

with fresh vege..


Bread from wendy

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recently everyone start supplying breakfast or tea break food for us (5 of us in office: :Lynn, Pei Ling, Wendy, Jeen Wei & me).

Last week, Wendy supplied us this bread which bought from KL.

It's so delicious.. but i forgot the name of the shop.. need to ask her again tmr.

Thanks to Wendy & her hubby so that I have the chance to eat such a nice bread!

Japanese tea cup

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Just bought a Japanese Tea cup at Daiso , dataran Pahlawan.

Also bought one for Cindy.

Why buy it? Cindy say when drink japanese green tea, we must drink with the cup only got feel..

it's true. You can try to compare by drinking green tea using plastic glass and this japanese tea cup, you'll feel the difference.

Spent half an hour to choose just a cup... -_-||

plan to buy this bowl, but too small.

too much variety..

really don't know which one to choose ..fa .. so...

Finally bought this one.

小龙包 at Pavillion

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Last night reached KL and stayed overnight at Cindy's house.

Cindy, her sister and I went to this restaurant at Pavillion, name dragon-i (from Shanghai i think, because the waiter and waitress speak fliiii flaaaa...shii shh chchahchha... you know.. those pure chinese from china's accent.. )

The xiao long bao is really nice! the moment you bite it, the gravy will flow out and only one word in your mind, "wahhhhhhh..huaaaaaaaa"

too nice~

Thanks to Cindy~

this is the name - Dragon-i

view of the restaurant

cindy's sister, Faustine.

do they look alike??

fried chicken....
with chilies
my longan, sea coconut drink.

egg yolk bun

inside of egg yolk bun.. nice!


I'm not sure why, but it tasted durian..
no kidding..

tadaaaa!!! this is the xiao long bao!!!

very nice!!!!

i'll eat it again when i go KL next time.

tofu, really crispy outside.

the receipt - back view

front view... 3 of us.. RM71.30...

really thank you, cindy .

Dessert by Ah Xin Brother

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barley + pumpkin

It Taste sooo nice!!!!!!!!!

I got 100% satisfaction from it. wahh.. fall in love with it.

cant' believe that pumpkin & barley can be so nice!

Loving it~

thanks to ah xin brother!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Story written by my brother...

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Today is Thusday.thursday bring his family to the sunday the sunday school ,thursday wen to toilet for xuxu b his pentis.he is very sad cuz the toilet in the chuch is full with ppl and need to queue .but he cant tahan .than he quickly ran to the church'drain and take off his trouses and XUXU .the XUXU sound very loud.Out of the blue ,thursday died in an accident .when he is XUXuing ,a 24 tyres lory suddenly lose control and crach the church's gate .the thursday was afraind and his leg was cant moves.but at the eleventh hour,other thursday came out and save the thursday and brought the thursday to a safe place and the other thursday wan to kill the thursday who is save by the the other thursday.the the the other thursday came and kill the the thursday for save the thursday who is kill by the the thursday .the the the the other thursday was very angry cuz the the the thusday wan to kill the the thursday .he quickly make a police report .the police very pity cuz he need to burn his midnight oit to find out the the the thursday .went he is burning his midnight oil.he saw the thursday is dating with a female thursday.he follow the thursday .follow and follow and follow.they reach a seven star hotel.the the police was short cuz they came to the the twinkling of eye,the thursday was gone .the the police quickly call the police and the police quickly call the police who is want to find the thursday.the the police went into the hotel and find they.the the police went to the counter and find out their name .unfortunaly,in the namelist ,there was dint have any thursday name.the name in the name list just have Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Webnesday,Friday and Saturday.the thursday was gone because the the stupid police dint know the thursday and the female thursday was live beside the hotel.HAHA

In the next day,that was friday .thursday suddenly ran to the top of the seven star hotel and jump down and died.this news was the head lind in friday.allthe thursday was sad and the police was stop for find his musuh.the thursday's family was sad and the female thursday quickly find a new BF as his life patner.she saw a handsome man and love at 1st side with he .she quickly call the handsome man "Oi".the man was turn back but he dint look for her but he is looking for the other women who is female friday.they was kiss each other with thier mouth.the female thursday was sad and sad and sad .than she bck the way ,he saw a more handsome man who is looking with her.the female thursday was very happy and run to the male as fast lightning.she dint look left,right and look left again.a 48 tyres's lory crash her "BOOM"...the female thursday dint have any hurt but the 48 tyres'lory's head was broke until dint like a head ...the female thursday was suddenly became "Fantastic 5'...LOL...Zzzz....the handsome boy was short and quickly run as fast as F1...the female thursday sad again...and fly away...

(To Be Continue...)

(Maybe Next Year^^)

(Because no mood)-_-

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Picnic in office

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I like to bring food and eat in office, because lazy go out for lunch.

Today cooked liang cha, then bring few bottles for my colleagues, and my breakfast sandwich, lunch soup noodles, and my tea break sandwich..

so, it looks like picnic in office...

but I really enjoy it!!! ^_^

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Video games cookies

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taken from internet

keroro cookies

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incredible!! I thought only anime got keroro, now cookies also available... my next target, need to learn it~ taken from Reshi

Friday, July 03, 2009

New restaurant at BB bazar - 同心苑

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Expensive and not nice, maybe I dont have mood to eat.


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What can I do?

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As always, washing toilet will be the way out when I'm in deep sadness....

But after knowing that he'll be leaving soon in few months time, the sadness is much deeper than I thought...

nothing can cure my sadness, but to wait the time to pass and fade my memory about him..

my heart feel like the wind flower, heading nowhere but to let the wind to bring me away..

Lord, if this is your will, I'll accept..

cause nothing I can do.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


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Here are 2 links to listen Christian radio online.

Easy muffin recipe

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Wonder what to make during weekends??

why not try making some muffins?

Just got another recipe~ very easy and healthy.

Nando weekly promotion

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One of my favorite fast food is Nando...

Now gather some girls on Tuesday and eat Nando will halve the price, YEAH!!!!

only for girls...

guys.. chit chat is girls privilege~

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


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Not sure what to post today, so, jst share out what I did in past and do in future.

Last night I bought Durian...

coz cannot tahan d....

my dad has the durian orchard, but this year no durian..
I also don't know why, i should pray to God abt this matter.

start using my new bag today~ nice~

it's big enough to let me put everything inside~

So many things expired on June 30.

my car park sticker, sushi king voucher, dim sum voucher , shakey pizza voucher.. and blalaaa...

9 "Stones" of spirit:
  • love
  • joy
  • peace
  • patience
  • kindness
  • goodness
  • faithfull
  • gentleness
  • self control
my target to be a better man starting from today~


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