Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sitiawan Kam puan & 福州光饼 gong piang

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my favourite food~

Kam Puang

Ice Kacang


My 2 sisters with their gong piang on hands..

This is how the gong piang made

also sell Mian siang

大妹 happily waiting for her kong piang..

"Hui Ba"

order small kong piang better, coz it contains onion, big one contains pork.
RM0.60 per piece (small size)


This is the location

Sitiawan's 福州光饼 is next to court mammoth building (known as Wisma Ganda).
If you visit Sitiawan, don't forget to try it and you'll love it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recycle: Ways to get rid of smelly toilet

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Recently I used to make orange juice every morning..
I peeled the oranges and found that the skins smell fresh..
so i decided to put them in the toilet to get a pure orange smell..
I use 4 'baby wipes towel" and sewed them together, and make it like a bag.
then put all the peeled orange skin into it..

tie it tight and hang inside toilet..

Your toilet will smell great!

but it only last for few days, after that, u gonna throw it..

CAndies from Taiwan

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I have a cousin who stay in Taiwan, this year CNY he got married and his wife (a taiwanese) brought us some candies.. nice!

purely peanut flavor

green tea flavor

cherry flavor

DIY - water bottle cover cloth

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Just bought a new water bottle but worry it'll turn scratch or dirty,

so i decided to make a water bottle cover cloth, too bad now i'm in Melaka,

no sewing machine and extra cloth.. but there's still a way to do it.

You need these...

This is the main thing i used as the cloth!! haha.. unbelievable right?

I couldn't find any cloth, so i decided to use baby wipe tissues.. this is what I have at home..

Here's my newly bought water bottle.

basically, u take 2 pieces of tissues and put together and sew at the side,
left the top part unsewed to put in the bottle.

tada... here you are... easy hor?? You can do it to..

whenever it's dirty, jst take off and wash it.

the coolest part is that it costs less than 20cents!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


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3 层肥肉。。


或许以后可以开cafe 卖红酒猪脚。。。


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The plant at window

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Since my room has no plant,
therefore i planted "green bean" based with wet cotton..
everyday i water it and it grows day by day..
it's good to have something alive in room...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Sea view houses at Lumut~

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Double storey Semi -D

corner lot RM800,000

normal lot rm500,00

the developer said it's a good investment for retirement... coz can see the sea everyday...

3 and half storey terrace

garden view for SemiD ..

the garden is at the back and there's a jetty for you, you can have boat there..

the living room is at the back while kitchen is in front...

this is the back garden facing the sea..

i think they are following the Dubai Palm Jemeirah concept


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新年回家无意间看到弟弟的相簿, 里头竟然有我小时候的照片。。


DIY - Home made Apron

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所以便“奋不顾身”在新年期间到我家乡Sitiawan 的Kamdar布店买了一匹布,
The result wasnt' good, because I have :
  • NO experience,
  • No ruler ,
  • no reference book
  • nothing..

but only a guru who chatting with me while i sew it...

Just simply cut into an apron shape...
Listen to the Guru who teaching me behind..verbally.....

this is my grandma's sewing machine..don't know how many years old d..

tadaaaa....this is my guru, my grandma la...hahaha..
Thanks for grandma support me behind...


deng deng deng dengg.g....not bad la..

i found it a bit too long liao..

the back view

nobody willing to be my model, so i have to do it myself...

the back view


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