Saturday, July 31, 2010


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Yuan yuan will be back today~


countdown for his arrival around 11pm ( i guess.. )

can't wait to see his stupid face.. wahahaha..

(most important is the gifts..)

Friday, July 30, 2010

My new Digital Piano!!

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I've been longing for having a piano.

however, due to the budget and the place that I stay, I can only buy a digital piano.

Praise God ! I manage to buy it at last.

I've been searching for an affordable yet worth buying digital piano but I just couldn't find a good one.

so, yuan yuan called a sister in church (sis Grace, she's a piano teacher) and just happen that she knew someone who sell digital piano.

so, after did lots of survey, we decided to buy Casio Privia. Although it's not as good as Yamaha or Rolland , but I think it's really sufficient for both me and yuan yuan.

we went to the 1st music shop which sell this model at RM3300 and the other one at RM3800...

that was just too expensive!!

so, sister Grace called up the person, and praise God they have the last unit that came along with stand and a PIANO chair!!!! (we were so happy because a normal digital piano chair would be smaller in size and it came without the storage drawer)

and most important, the price is some how we can afford, RM2600 instead of RM3800 or RM3300!!!

Praise God and thank god!!

it saved us RM1200!

Well, maybe you'll wonder why we bought it this year and at this point of time?

actually we don't plan to buy it initially as it's a luxury goods..

but after visiting yuan yuan's fren (Mr Lu Zou Xian), we got inspired after seeing his RM4000++ drum set.

when we both saw him enjoying his free time playing with his gorgeous drum set, both our eyes only show - ENVY.

so, we bought it. ^_^

lastly, special thanks to Mr. Lu and sister Grace. ^_^

New gadget - PC fair Aug 2010

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PC fair today at MITC

spent RM400!! *_*

1st gadget: WD 500 GB hard disk (RM200),
belongs to Yuan yuan, not mine.

2nd: HP all in one printer (Deskjet F2480) RM 169

but i paid RM185 in total (coz bought the black ink cartridge)

3rd: my HP mini 10 inch casing.. it's made from quite lousy material..

due to not much choices, so, I bought it too at RM15.

just enough to fit in my HP MINI 10, too bad the adapter couldn't fit in.. aii. aii.. aii..

this is Minnie and the glass mug ( 2 free gifts for the all in one printer)
and also a RM50 Focus Point voucher..

this is how i spent RM400 today...


Thursday, July 29, 2010


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Delicious lunch~

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this is the chinese bun made by CJ's mom .

one word is never enough to describe it!!

it's sooooooooo soft!!!!! 1st time in my life eating such a soft!!!

the ingredient is so sufficient and taste so good with the pepper added!!

I want some more!!! or maybe i should get the recipe from his mom!!


Bangkok trip in 2009

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We went to Thailand in Oct 2009.

Thank God for the journey mercies~

Our favorite MOS burger!!!

roti canai pisang susu~ yummy!! the best in Thailand!

eat at Chatucat market

missing you~

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it's 1:30am.. and I miss you.

photo taken from

Post Card from the west~

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received a post card with blessing from ah Jun.. ^_^


her handwriting is so neat and nice~


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as usual.. lunch will be veges..

the soup~ i love it!

new recipe today: cucumber (vinegar + salt + sugar) nice!

Today bro CJ came back to Melaka from Sibu.. really happy to see him again.

most important, he brought me the "siew Mai' made by his mom..

they taste superb!!

Thanks to CJ and his mom~

it's sooo delicious!!!

eat with fresh veges~

will have the chinese bun as breakfast tmr which also made by his mom too...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 days 2 nights Trip : KL + Bukit Tinggi

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well, I went to KL last Sat morning..

7:20am I went to Melaka bus station with Ah sou.

Reach KL about 10am

met cindy at her office, then we went back to her house to put my luggage.

like her newly restructured room so much..

hiding present for her as surprise..

1pm: very hungry, so we went to some where near May tower to have some chinese food..

forgot the name, should be "yew kee" if not mistaken..

we only ordered PORK.. coz that's the most famous thr..

as usual, we ordered 2 types and we share..

the holicks drink is tasteless..aii..

pork chop.. yummy...

roasted pork really taste nice!

we can see many mat saleh thr.. i heard that datuk Michelle Yeoh also patronize the restaurant quite often.. but too bad we didn't meet her thr that day..

then we heading to Pavillion as we have no where else to go..

after window shop for a while, we decided to have tea break at Godiva..

chocolate cheese cake, nice if sharing coz too fattening..

RM 16 per slice.

the drink: chocolate banana flavor.. extremely nice!

price also very nice .. RM16++ per glass!

after the tea break, we wanna eat something salty... and also for dinner..

so we went to Stelle cafe..

they sell all sorts of tea.. very expensive tea.. so we didn't order..

the mushroom soup, not bad..

the pasta.. not nice at all..

but the bowl is unique!

after eat, we gained weight.. see?? so fat!!! oh noo...

the nxt day, we went up to bukit tinggi with the other 4 girls: xue ni, sia ling, jin hui and wei feng.

the sky is blue...... the wind is soft... and we really enjoy it~

check in~

then we took the shuttle to japanese village

here' s the room.. it has a beautiful scenery~

we enjoyed the show ...

while most of the time we jst walk around the street..

the lunch~

dinner together

really enjoy to have trip with them.. it's just so nice to chat with them while having dinner together... miss them so much now~

the night view is better..

raining in the evening...and even at night..

time to say goodbye~

we took the van and reached Times square at about 1:30pm.

and we enjoy for the last meal together at "huan xi di" restaurant..

the set meal cost only RM12 and yet taste good!

it's really fun to have trip with them.. looking forward for the nxt trip~yeay!!


KL 24 July 2010
Bkt Tinggi 25-26 July 2010 ( some photos were taken from Quik Xue ni' fb)

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