Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oatmeal raisin cookies as Christmas Gift

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  • half butter
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar (up to u)
  • 3 cups of (3/4 siever) flour
  • 6 cups of (full siever) oat
  • raisin
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (soda powder)
  • 2 eggs

Mix the butter and eggs until the color turn to light yellow color.
Then, add in an egg and beat until smooth, and add in another egg.
when it's smooth, add raisin.

dark raisin

add in brown sugar

pour in 6 full cups of oat

sieve in 3 cups of flour and a little salt.

add very little (secubit is enough) sodium bicarbonate (if you add too much,your biscuit will become muffin as Sodium Bicarbonate use to rise up the cake)
prepare the baking tray with butter.
Preheat the oven : 5 min at 170 degree.

make the dough into little ball and mash them.
bake for 7 minutes at 170 degree.

taadaaaa...here you are.

this is how it looks like.

Prepare a paper /cardboard at 6cm .

fill into the box and tie with nice ribbon.

A Christmas gift

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Super easy Egg Tart recipe 超简单蛋塔做法

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Time to prepare: 30 minutes

for Crust:

  • butter (half)

  • 2-3 tbsps sugar (as you like )

  • 6-7 cups flour (using my special measurement)

  • 1 egg

for stuff:

  • 3/4 cup of milk (low fat or full cream)

  • 2 eggs

  • sugar (1-2 tbsp , then try see sweet enough or not, if too sweet add some more milk, if not enough sweet add more sugar, paiseh...this is how i make cake)


  • a pot ( i use pot instead of normal big bowl coz... you try, then u'll know why)
  • a spatula
  • fork + mini bowl (to beat eggs)
  • spoon and another bigger cup / bowl to keep and stir the mixture of eggs and milk)
  • mold
  • knife
  • a siever (around a normal cup size)

Electrical appliances:

  • a mixer
  • an oven

half butter

I bought farm cows brand, coz smell better.. but still up to u..

low fat milk / full cream milk / fresh milk / condense milk

jst get a normal wheat flour


mold small size

normal siever (cup size)

1st => add the sugar in milk and heat under low fire, jst let it hot to melt the sugar, never boil the milk, then beat 2 eggs and mix with the milk

[another super fast way is : mix condense milk with water and eggs, but normal packed milk/fresh milk will taste better. ]

use Mixer to beat the butter and sugar until the color turn cream color,

then add in 1 egg and beat again until fluffy and well mixed.

now, this is the most important part!!

sieve the flour... using this siever as measurement (around 3/4 of the siever)
then sieve it using your finger.

use this measurement to sieve 7-8 times.

use your hand or spatula to mix the flour witht he batter, softly mix it.
never press it, but keep the air in the batter.

after mixed well the flour and batter, then only u start to knead it for one minute.

* Preheat the oven now at 180 degree. *

then mold them

use the knife the cut the overflow

[cut from middle to the side], use your palm to tab on it so that no sign of cutting.

then fill in the "milk + eggs + sugar" mixture into the cups, then bake them...

bake for about 8 minutes at 170-180 degree.

tadaaaa....here you are...

remove them after cold and keep in box

you may try to get a box with some "holes" on it, If you use air tide container, better let it cold down.Nnever use air tide container while it's hot else your crust will become kuihh...
Hope you'll like it~
TIPS: use small mold cups instead of big one, with small cup, you only bite with once, and it's very mini very cute, you'll like it.
If you use bigger mold cup, 1st sight will feel it not cute at all, then after you eat for about 4-5 bites, you still haven't finish, then u'll start to feel like not want to eat it.
as I'm a "going to be " economist, there's a term in Economics known as "Marginal Utility returns", meaning the more you eat, the extra satisfaction will getting lesser.
so, if you wanna give out as gift to someone, only give at most 3 pieces, then that person will still feel like wanting it...coz ...not enough satisfaction...
If you give 6 pieces, that person will feel "bored"of it...and dont feel your tart taste good...hehehe.. I call this as E-cook-nomics..
[Economics = E-cook-nomics]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ciku milk ice-blended

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Just tried a fruit juice called "Ciku milk ice-blended"....It's really nice and easy to make. Try it yourself~


  • ciku
  • milk

Electrical appliances:

  • blender
  • fridge / freezer


  • knife
  • chopping board
  • peeler parer
  • a really nice and pretty glass

1st, you need to have ciku
(you can get it only from Cold storage at Melaka Mall as I've search all the hypermarket and they didn't sell it)
milk, low fat or full cream is up to you...

Frozen milk - you need to pour in a bowl with cover and freeze it before you can use it. I dont' use "ice-cube" as I want a PURE milk + ciku flavour.

peel the ciku and clear the seeds, then cut into smaller size.

put all these in the blender.
( you need to cut the frozen milk halves else the blade won't able to blend the frozen milk)

TAdaaaaaa............here you are~ after blend for about 1 or 2 minutes (up to you, however, the longer the period you blend it, the more fluffy it is...and taste better)

then pour into a "SUPER DUPER pretty & nice" glass
(trust me, with nice glass, you'll feel it tastes nicer, invest some money to buy nice and pretty glasses, you won't regret)

the milk ice will slowly melt, and you'll see two different color , white from milk, brown from ciku... which looks really nice...
Recommendation: get a straw to stir it and of course to suck it...

easy right???
I drank this at Vietnam restaurant at KLCC and it cost me RM12 a glass!!! so, why not we make ourselves?? you can drink anywhere anytime....with anything you like to...
most important, you'll like it..

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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Hey ladies and gentlemen....

it has been long time i haven't update my blog...

well, it's kind of busy these few months..

so many things are troubling me...

pray for me..so that i can cope with all the things that i need to do..

Thank you.

God bless you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Type C

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extension : single storey terrace house

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1st of all, thanks to Jath and his wonderful suggestion. if not mistaken, the pic above is what he suggested. A very good example for all of us to ponder of. Besides him, is there any more suggestion. This is another place we can voice out our dream house .(hehe~)
As for type B , really sorry that i dindt' mention well regarding how to get to the backyard. Actually there's a bifold door at bedroom 3 and master bedroom. The purpose of combining all 3 bedrooms together is to avoid sound pollution.
Refer to type A bedroom 3, one may always hear the sound of kitchen. Type B stress on serenity and it's a garden at the back of house. However, as mention by Jath, the kitchen in Type B will be a problem. One way to solve it is to change the plan again, another way is shut both kitchen and living room's door. lol ^_^
maybe change the side door of the living room to the front, so that kitchen will not affect the living room...
but I still have no idea yet, maybe it follows the US style whereby no goreng and goreng stuff happen in kitchen. I don't know, welcome to give more suggestion on that. Thank you.
view of bed 3

view of master bedroom

amended floor plan

Type A master bedroom are also commonly design in the way that the bathroom is in the middle.

Survey on Single storey Terrace house

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Above pic show two types of Single storey terrace house. Type A is the conventional type, while Type B is a more modern type. Pls vote which one would you choose to buy if you have to choose from the 2. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Master piece

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前天告诉朋友我要为姑姑设计banglow, 吓了她一跳,然后问我干嘛还要读master.
说真的,以前刚考完SPM, 很想读architecture or interior design, 但是却到MMU念商业管理。入学的第一个星期,我还打包想回家了呢!但,我是很怕母亲的人,(也很懂事,怕丢我家的脸),所以就咬紧牙根,念完大学文凭。。。 现在还念master!!!真的很不可思议耶!!!
虽然9年未碰设计,多亏于 “homedesign software" 我才能完成这次的任务。
ground floor
1st level

from study to bathroom 4

stairs to second floor

study room

from hall way looking down to dining room

with roof top
right view

entering level 1

family hall, next to staircase

view of stair case

bedroom 1
dining + dry kitchen
left view
backview, (the green color should be swimming pool)


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