Thursday, October 28, 2010


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well, this morning we have a farewell meeting for our President...

(forgot to take his pic... )

and... after the meeting.. 3 of us.. hehe.. add fats and weight at McD!!!

ah Gan, wendy and me

purposely went thr to try this out..

not bad~!


went for hair cut in the evening..


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today makan lunch with Yuan san.. hehehehe.. super happy..

at Tong shoi house , Batu berendam.

face getting rounder.. but mouth never stop eating... T_T

went to security department do apply for a student card with Lynn..

yeahh.. postgraduate student card..

student card is really useful for many many discount.. lol

tadaaa.... we got our card!

dinner.....with yuan yuan san again..

corn soup.. + water melon juice..

honey sauce ribs...


fish dish with some mayo sauce..

we had our dinner at huan xi di (new Jusco) and we spent some time there as the restaurant has a very comfortable sofa.. and we have a long chit chat...

I love it!

yuan san, I really enjoy talking to you~
hope we'll have more chance to have such a long chat..

erm.. maybe we should get a sofa???



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hehe.. my dear prepares breakfast for me and my cousin~

although it's simple, but it's really tasty!!


and as reward for him, we go pasar borong to eat his favorite Asam Pedas..

Dinner with Yuan San

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dinner with Yuan Yuan at Jiki, Bukit Baru.


pineapple fried rice + tomyam soup


Sunday, October 24, 2010


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first time joining Covenant Church after invited by uncle See Ying (in pic)..

it's a new church which started this year.. not many ppl.. feel like wanna join this church more often as they are lacking of musician..

God, I pray that you'll continue to bless this church so that it may grow and expand~!

Saturday shopping~

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Today brought my cousin sis jalan - jalan at Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan..

erm.. i'm too tired to shop...

so, while waiting for my cousin sis, I spent the whole afternoon in Nadeje reading magazine and online and enjoying my korean tea and layer cake~



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today.. i made banana chiffon cake again..

and.. meeting my super leng zai supervisor...

he dabao seremban siu bao.. super nice!~ but forgot to take pic.. T_T

and... bible study at Covenant Church tonight,

meeting the new pastor from USA, Pastor Smith and his wife Martha~

slept early..




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nothing special today..

very tired, so just cook a simple one for my cousin sis..

just bake the chicken with Terriyaki sauce

Bento luncheon...

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bento lunch at office~



and my yummy breakfast..

cheesedale cheese + banana chocolate milk.. lol

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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this morning i enjoyed the toasted bread prepared by Yuan Yuan san..

and I made myself a glass of banana chocolate milk again.. I love it sooo much!!

Tonight cooked dinner for almost 2 hours.. my legs are tired after standing for so long.

yuan yuan came back late tonight at almost 8pm.. pity him..

7 dishes

(but all simple

japanese bean curd
shredded carrot egg

pork + veges


ginseng soup..


bakuteh steamboat~

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tonight we had steamboat as dinner ..

with bakuteh soup.. 1st time making the soup..

yuan yuan came back very late tonight, Aleen and I were waiting patiently..

ingredients are fresh! bought from pasar malam..

and I just kept 3 little kitties 2 days ago..

they are so cute~

we eat dinner together~


Monday, October 18, 2010

Cute stamps~

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oh.. I love them so much!!

bought at popular book shop last week..

RM14.9 per set, but i got 10% discount with the popular membership card.

decorate my recipe books~


I enjoyed playing with it!~

my cousin~

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my cousin will be staying with me for 2 weeks..

she'll do her observation at Pantai Hospital Melaka.


~welcoming dinner~
6 dishes.. hope she likes them all~

wonderful Friday~

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Last Friday... I had lunch with my colleagues, celebrating birthday and farewell.

we had PIzza Hut..

order pizza??

press the bell...

the other two hasn't reach yet.

thanks to Irene for the present..

i choose giraffe..isn't it cute?


hehe.. there are two mask inside it~ yeay! I need this ^_^

then, enjoy the cake..

birthday girl (1st from left)

while at night, Yuan Yuan and I went to my church to enjoy the live music from Australia.

They are simply Awesome!!


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