Sunday, January 30, 2011

day 2...

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slept the whole afternoon from 11am - 4:30pm..

and skip lunch.. straight away eat dinner...

at Ayer Tawar

busy day 1 back home..

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wake up early the next day i reach home, accompany my dad go Ipoh to fetch my youngest sis, Jonenen..

then renew license for my cousin bro at SSM, Ipoh.

good number.. 111

take some pics while waiting for our turn..

my sis show Victory..
my dad show champion~

bought 7 pyjamas in the afternoon...

visited mom at her office and we went shopping again..

thanks to Joel for the voucher..~

balik kg.. oooo.. balik kg

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Thursday (27.1.2011)

balik kg with zhong yi, he fetched me , then we stop by his uncle's house at OUG/UOG, (forgot), KL.

then he brought me to eat this soup flour flakes..

super nice~ !!!

lost in KL when we plan to go damansara to fetch his sister for almost 2 hours..

praise the Lord, we manage to get to the destination, and fetch my sister and her fren at tj. Malim.

Praise God we reach home safely in the evening~


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday worship~

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practise on thursday and Saturday for the sunday worship!

Finally!!! Sunday worship!!!

Praise God, everything went smoothly..

enjoy our lunch at this indian restaurant

at BB bazaar

tandoori chicken
curry chicken set
the worship leader, Kenneth William~

Morning breakfast with Aunty Soo Yin

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KLCC one day trip~

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Yuan Yuan was called for interview at Etiqa towel..

so we went thr abt 11am.. reach KLCC abt 2pm..

quickly grab the lunch, and accompany him to EtiQa leading by Cindy ..

while waiting for him, i walk around KLCC

in the evening, we had dinner together at the Apartment KLCC..

I love this photo !

very special dessert.. Pavlova Peach Strawberry

goodbye KLCC~

Dr. Goh's farewell

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Farewell + CNY luncheon at Tiara Resort Melaka.

Dr. Goh, ( the one holding chopstick in dark brown) is going to leave MMU soon..

she was my lecturer during my undergraduate and also the one who help me to be the tutor in MMU~

Sad to hear that she's leaving us soon..

All the best, God bless you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


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Kenny Roger Day

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because of Kenny Roger day, I purposely bought a red color hair band..

they gave me the wrong side dishes, so they add one more side dish for me~

I dun like the bake bean.. yucks!

still have to eat~

new Jusco~ CNY is coming!

Bible Study - Pastor Jim

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new pastor - Pastor Jim

the snack after bible study~

last week's bible study

Aunty soo's homemake healthy cookies~

Chocolate from Cindy!~

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Received this chocolate from CINDY!!!

so sweet~ she bought all the way from Australia..

looks like a sh**... hahaha

how's the taste??

eeee... why look like sh** one?

let me try...hmm..

erm! it's nice!!! (this expression is a bit over)

anyway, it taste nice~ doesn't melt easily.

Thanks S!

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