Friday, October 24, 2008

Type C

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extension : single storey terrace house

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1st of all, thanks to Jath and his wonderful suggestion. if not mistaken, the pic above is what he suggested. A very good example for all of us to ponder of. Besides him, is there any more suggestion. This is another place we can voice out our dream house .(hehe~)
As for type B , really sorry that i dindt' mention well regarding how to get to the backyard. Actually there's a bifold door at bedroom 3 and master bedroom. The purpose of combining all 3 bedrooms together is to avoid sound pollution.
Refer to type A bedroom 3, one may always hear the sound of kitchen. Type B stress on serenity and it's a garden at the back of house. However, as mention by Jath, the kitchen in Type B will be a problem. One way to solve it is to change the plan again, another way is shut both kitchen and living room's door. lol ^_^
maybe change the side door of the living room to the front, so that kitchen will not affect the living room...
but I still have no idea yet, maybe it follows the US style whereby no goreng and goreng stuff happen in kitchen. I don't know, welcome to give more suggestion on that. Thank you.
view of bed 3

view of master bedroom

amended floor plan

Type A master bedroom are also commonly design in the way that the bathroom is in the middle.

Survey on Single storey Terrace house

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Above pic show two types of Single storey terrace house. Type A is the conventional type, while Type B is a more modern type. Pls vote which one would you choose to buy if you have to choose from the 2. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Master piece

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前天告诉朋友我要为姑姑设计banglow, 吓了她一跳,然后问我干嘛还要读master.
说真的,以前刚考完SPM, 很想读architecture or interior design, 但是却到MMU念商业管理。入学的第一个星期,我还打包想回家了呢!但,我是很怕母亲的人,(也很懂事,怕丢我家的脸),所以就咬紧牙根,念完大学文凭。。。 现在还念master!!!真的很不可思议耶!!!
虽然9年未碰设计,多亏于 “homedesign software" 我才能完成这次的任务。
ground floor
1st level

from study to bathroom 4

stairs to second floor

study room

from hall way looking down to dining room

with roof top
right view

entering level 1

family hall, next to staircase

view of stair case

bedroom 1
dining + dry kitchen
left view
backview, (the green color should be swimming pool)


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