Monday, November 30, 2009

what is this?? make a guess~

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Apa ini??

My cousin bought this from Sarawak, she is a teacher at Miri.

Will marry this month~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baking time~

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Two days ago, I taught yuan yuan make swiss roll.

he very smart, just one time I taught him, then he can make his own swiss roll.

(my apron fit his body so much hor? hahaha )

got potential to be a baker next time??

wah.. he make the cake more gentle than me.. he mix the egg so gracefully like a very feminine girl...

The recipe is very simple, just the steps are complicated a bit.

here's the batter he made.

and then, I asked him to make some pattern for the swiss roll using chocolate batter..

as he's good in art, I expect he might draw some cartoon characters ..

and.. the results..


-_-|||.... ngiao~

"now is not chinese new year eh.. why u draw this?? " he really write it like writing a calligraphy.


When I saw this, I laughed and keep on laughing for few minutes..

and he still show his innocent smiling face looking at me with thousand of question marks on his head asking " cannot meh?? nothing wrong eh"

and this is the output..

hahaha, we add some raisins in it.

and then we roll it...
then chilled in the fridge.

The taste is really nice!

it's really amazing for a 1st timer who never bake cakes.

next month, banana/apple pie...

p/s: hopping that next year he'll make or invent many other cakes for me. then i can retire fully while he becomes the main cook.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Charcoal Chicken rice with tom yam soup

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Today i dabao a very very delicious chicken rice from the hawker center behind 7-11 bukit beruang.

What so special about this set of chicken rice? I called it 'set' as it is really a complete set of meal.


1st, the rice is soooo sooo soft and smell really nice.

2nd, I never eat chicken rice with salad!! wahh..the hawker taukeh give so much salad, as if it's free.

3rd, eat chicken rice sure got soup right? but normally if u dabao they wont give you soup right? But this hawker stall taukeh very kind, he gave me soup, some more everyday different soup lehh.. then he'll also inform you 1st, "today we drink tom yam soup ah"
wahh.. got tom yam soup with chicken rice, u got try this before??? really nice!!!

4th, most important must be the taste of chicken right? it's cooked by charcoal one!! normally the chicken you eat is fried in deep oil, but this one is cook by charcoal, how i know?? coz the chicken meat got smell that you know it was cooked using charcoal! some more he gave so much meat until i can't finish it.

5th, cucumber, he gave me 8 slices of cucumber! normally only 5 slices at most!

6th, the chili sauce also no play play ahh.. very nice o!

7th, you know how much does this chicken rice 'set' cost??

ONLY RM 3 !!!!

waiyo haii.........believe it or not?? i think can enter the dunno wat wat wat believe it or not record liao..

New Kacha~

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Last night, Yuan Yuan accompanied me to Parkson to look for food processor, initially I wish to buy a hand blender but seems like food processor is much useful and cheaper, so, I decided to buy the food processor.

Yuan Yuan was having exams during my birthday so he couldn't prepare the birthday gift for me. Instead of diamonds or ruby which was expensive and useless, I prefer to buy something that is useful.

I already have a blender and a juice extractor but the blender couldn't blend the food to the finest, while the juice extractor, it is jst to troublesome to wash the sievers. I also have a squeezer , to squeeze my orange juice..

then why I wanna buy food processor leh??!!!

because these things are my TOYS!!

ok, back to the story, so we walked around Parkson, and we could hardly find a good and big food processor, so we decided to go Jusco. We found this Phillips brands, (actually i've made survey online on the model, brands, price and its functions) and it's just coincident that last night was the last night for 5% discount on electrical appliances.

We checked the price, it was RM139, the price i searched online was RM219. I asked the promoter why the price was so much different?? she told me that original price should be RM219 but sometimes Phillips has promotion week for their products, so that's why the price is so much differed. But I think main reason is the bad economic situation, so they have to lowered the price.

Wow, so if you like philips , you should buy now!

and we saw a blender cost about RM88 (without dry blender jug) with an additional jug for FREE. But I already have one,s o we didn't buy it. Another blender cost RM108 (with dry bender jug) also free a jug too.

after I got this toy home, I played it for few hours.. and checked youtube how people used it, and guess what, food processor can be used to knead dough and make pastry!!!

so many things u can do with it: mince meat, onion, all can be done with it.

but the main reason I bought this is to make juice. Juice extractor only have the juice and not the dregs, drinking juice with the dregs as well will provides us with high fiber consumption, normal blender couldn't blend till really fine, and the dregs will be too rough to swallow it.

i think the 1st juice i'll make is papaya milk.. i've drank this for 2 weeks at a malay stall. RM2 per cups, so i think i better make my own. one papaya only cost RM3 at most, and I can make it for so many times. it' much cost saving.

This is the best birthday gift I've received so far .

next year birthday: a house (hehehe!!! ).

P/S: pls compare online price before you purchase.

Philips Food Processor HR7620

Price :RM 219.00

(but I bought at RM139)

Technical Specifications
Power500 , China: 460 W
Frequency50-60 , China: 50 Hz
Voltage220-240 , China: 220 V
Cord length1.2 cm
MotorUniversal, radio/tv interference suppressed
ColorBright white and celestial blue
Bowl capacity flour500 g
Bowl capacity dough830 g
Bowl volume capacity dry2 l
Bowl volume capacity liquid1.2 l
SafetySafety lock system for lid & bowl detection , Mechanical brake on toolholder stops within 1.5sec
Speeds2 + pulse
Design specifications
Switch & toolholderABS & POM
Bowl, cover, pusherSAN & ABS
Emulsifying discABS
Metal knife and insertsstainless steel
Knife holderPP & PET
Kneading toolFor kneading, heavy kneading
Stainless steel chopping knifeChopping, beating, creaming, crumbling, cutting , Folding in, mashing, mincing, mixing, kneading
Shredding insert mediumFor medium shredding of vegetables, fruit, cheese
Emulsifying discFor whipping, whisking and emulsifying
Slicing insert mediumFor medium slicing of vegetables and fruit

Meeting Ghost in office

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3 days ago, which was Friday night, I went back to office only to get something. Normally i'll stay in office to do my work but that night I went to Jusco to do some survey on food processor and hand blender, so I didnt make it to office.

Well, at 10:30 pm, I reach 5th floor (my office is on the 5th floor), when the lift door opened, I saw a student, and when i step out, I saw another man with bloody face (with white long gown) standing behind him, I was shock and covered my mouth with my hand (so that I wont shout out) and keep on skipping ( not sure why i skip, maybe over shock). I skipped for about 10 times only i stop, stopped not because I tired but during skipping, i realised, it was a "human".

The students keep apologizing and actually it was really fun to experience ghost.

so, i went inside office to take my things and when I stepped out my office and locked the door, I saw the white bloody "ghost" was still outside my office, 4 meters away opposite me at the corridor, so i request whether I can take a photo. Suddenly, someone walked from behind to my side and walking to my front. He's all in black gown, cover up till the head , I was soo shock!!! where comes another Ghost!!!?!?! and then.....the black ghost turn back to see me!!!!

I shouted aloud and ran as fast as I could, keep pressing the lift button while my tears starts showering my face...

and guess what?!!!
I heard them laughing!!

then coz of the laughter, I chilled, and start to think rational again, those are humans!!! -_-|||

so, I turned back and walked bravely and requested for a picture.

by that time, it was almost 11pm.

I've heard many ghost story at my block building, but I never seen or experience before, even the security guards are so scare to come up to the 5th floor at night.

So, from that day onwards, I no long come to office at night. Maybe few weeks later, I might forget about this and again come back to office at night.

click picture for enlargement

Actually they are from Emina's club, a club of Anime and those type of things, sometimes i'll see some cute girls dressing up like Chobits and walking around at my building.

Emina club was started by my good friends (during our undergraduate), who really loves those Anime stuff.

But so far, I haven't seen Naruto or Sasuke or Keroro or Baja Hitam... I'm looking forward for that, erm.. maybe I should write an email to them for an Anime Week whereby everyone will dress up like those anime characters.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dinner at Ah xin & Chee doon's house

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4 Nov, the day after my birthday we had a dinner gathering at Chee Doon + Ah xin's house.

the main cook Cindy (in black shirt)..

and the 2 helpers..

here's chee doon

after cooked, some helped to clean up..

some were chatting and doing some reading at the living room..

everyone is very hungry and wait for food~

(notice that all are guy!!)

we get ready with the rice and the dishes..

we were soooo hungry that time as it was already 9pm...
(because they need to go pasar malam to buy the veges and chicken, by the time they got home, it was nearly 8pm.)

so we all eat together after prayer..

we have longan konyaku jelly + 7-up

(1st time trying this, it was really nice)

taa daa.. second dessert, my favorite cheese cake!

Chee doon make this and ask me to open ceremony ( because the day before was my birthday)

feel really touched!

(ps: yuan yuan, u should 反省反省..time to learn some bakery.. )

after the dinner, I dont need to pay single cent because I was the birthday girl~

Thanks to all of you, my brothers and sisters in christ.

This is a bonus for having a church life~

New portable chopstick

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Today I brought Gek Suan to town for lunch and shop around Dataran Pahlawan.

we had taiwan ribs noodles..

noodles is really nice, but problem is they gave us the disposable chopstick.

Guess what, I opened 2 sets of chopsticks and both ended up in dustbin because they are rotten chopsticks.

So, when we go shopping at Daiso, I bought a pair of chopsticks for Yuan Yuan, because he often eat outside. I didnt' buy for myself as I already have 3 sets of portable cutlery set (chopstick + spoon + fork)

Well at 1st he reluctant as all are cute type and pink color.

after all, I chose a black color chopstick for him, he still think girlish..

then I show him the word "men" written at the wrapper.

He right away agreed and paid it.
when we got home, I realized this => "the King of Kings"

haha.. I put "Jesus" in front of " the king of kings" as a reminder for him to remember that God is the king of all kings.

Simple dinner by Yuan Yuan

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Tonight Yuan Yuan offered to cook the dinner..because I overslept until 8pm for my evening nap.

although just a simple one, but I felt so touched!

(all veges as he prefer veges than meat)

ps: pray that everyday can eat his cook (breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea break, dinner and supper).. hehe, a bit greedy..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My new pastry cutter - little bird & rabbit

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Today bought a new pastry cutter which can use for making bento too.

can use for sandwich

cut cheese..

bought at Daiso RM5

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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* 帮我做家务,每天。边做边聊天。

* 常常帮助别人,不为什幺。

* 答应我﹕永远不。然后永远不。

* 白煮蛋的黄可以给他吃。

* 雨天散步,背我过积水,说﹕你还可以再胖一些啊。

* 吵嘴时不会一走了之。

* 错了会认错。

* 我说笑话他笑。


* 试鞋时,他把我的卡通袜叠叠塞进上衣口袋。

* 常常说,有我呢。


* 指甲整齐干凈,喜欢我替他剪指甲。

* 小孩子都喜欢他,常常在楼下玩一裤子泥回来。

* 轻轻拧开我拧不开的汽水瓶。

* 忙时给我订机票,让我带父母一起出去玩。

* 告诉我——24小时随时打电话。

* 告诉我——不要省钱。


* 偷偷买一件两人合穿的雨衣放在车上。

* 我喜欢赤脚,他在副驾驶位脚下铺一小块羊绒毯。

* 与人争论听上去像是解释。


* 教我滑旱冰,扶着我跑了快一千公里。

* 从不上网聊天。

* 他的秘书说帮他缝上脱落的纽扣,他说谢谢,不用。

* 送我的花是盆花,替我浇水。

* 和我下棋,允许我悔棋。

* 他其实很早就对他的父母说起我……

* 喜欢运动,带我去招待女宾俱乐部。

* 穿十年前的牛仔裤仍然合身。

* 他养了一条大狗,他的狗喜欢我。

* 吵嘴时我要他还我送给他的维尼熊,他坚决不还。

* 我不辨方向,他体内有指南针,说——跟牢我。

* 吃我吃剩的东西。

* 我失眠时他陪我聊天。


* 比我高,我取不到的东西让他取。

* 站在商店的洗手间外面等我。

* 我感冒了,他还是会用我的杯子喝水。



* 喜欢我,从未犹豫,从不和别的女人比较。


* 火车站接我,早到十分钟,带一盒蓝莓酸奶。

* 我买给他的东西都合他心,不转送他人。

* 身上的味道很好闻,但他自己不知道。

* 逛街回家,一只眼看电视球赛一只眼看我试新衣。

* 对女人有风度,也有距离。

* 有了他,计算机罢工不必彻夜痛苦。

* 很少叹气。

* 真的可以随时找到他。


~ 这种才是电影中的所谓---绝种好男人,HOHO,下辈子去火星找哦~

原 來 很 簡 單

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taken from a fwd email.

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