Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nice music to share...

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真的非常好听。。 尤其是这两首。。



Monday, February 25, 2008

Harbour street + The Loaf..

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harbour street...

nice place for high tea...

At harbour street, we found a bakery shop owned by our former prime minister...

but ..the price...too expensive for Malaysian... no play play yoo..

Best in Langkawi

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Rootian Restaurant

Best seafood in Langkawi, Rootian restaurant...

this is the best seafood that i've ever had~~~

location: Midst of Kuah town, walking distance from City Bayview hotel

The Westin Resort

it has the biggest swimming pool in Langkawi I think..

most important, very comfortable place to go for vacation...

Location: near Jeti at Kuah Town

Westin famous with its "Heavenly Spa" ...

Westin has many little banglow and each house has its own swimming pool..

if you need a spa, just call them to come over..

if only i can afford, I'll build my little house like this..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conference + trip in langkawi 14-18 Jan 2008

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First day....(click the picture to enlarge)

walk around the town...and jeti...we rent a little Myvi there ...and we stay in Bayview hotel for the 1st night..thought everything will go on smoothly, who knows, i forgot to switch the car light off, and the next morning, I was 2 hours late for the 1st day of the conference ...but thank God, everything going smoothly....

First Stay.... City Bayview hotel (3 stars)

This is the 1st place we stay, it's located in the midst of the Kuah town.

Don't really like it as everything is so cold (as if we are in the north or south pole ... the room is too cold and dull.. boring hotel....

Since my car running out of battery (coz i forgot to switch the light off for one whole night) , the management sent 5 strong men to fix for me, but... none of them can fix my car..... book to say , no eyes to see and no medicine to cure!!!

so, after 2 days stay in City Bayview, we decided to shift to a resort...

Awana Porto Malai ( 3 STARS)

We shifted to Awana Porto Malai resort, this is also the place where conference was held..
I prefer here more than city bayview hotel ...

..... we can have breakfast at the seaside!!!!

and I met someone in Awana resort, do u know him??

and I fall in love with...







Awana's fruits tart!!!! ^_^

This is the best fruits tart that I've ever had in my life so far...

if you can make this, do share the recipe with me, thank you~

Andaman Resort

Andaman Resort is much better, but we've no idea why it only has 4 stars~

Andaman resort is just next to The Datai resort, they share the same seaside.. actually we can just walk from Andaman beach to Datai beach..but we didnt' know that.. ngiao ngiao ngiao -_-

The Datai Resort

This is a Five star resort in Langkawi, rank number 2 after Four Seasons Resort

the rate per night is around RM2000++ (for non-peak season)

there is a stair case to the underground kitchen...unique..but troublesome (imagine when u wanna bring up the big turkey or pork up)

we are like VVVVIP as they fetch us to go the Datai beach..(which actually is the same beach as Andaman, if we knew it, we won't trouble this young man to fetch us there..)

Driving in Langkawi
Since we rent the car, so we can go anywhere, anytime, and with anyone..haha..

unique + creative~~ like it very much~

Four seasons Resort ~ Best resort in Langkawi

For me, I only like its library, coz I can online there...

the night scene of the resort

Four season is unique of its construction, see this wall? it was built by using millions of flat stone without any cement on


it's very hard to find a good place for lunch, so ended up we had fast food for 2 days.. I only eat kids value meal coz...I'm able to finish it, tastes better...and..the drink is milo and not soft drinks and...i got a toy to play too...hehe.. that's why i prefer kids value meal lor...

p/s: just realised that we've visited hotels and resorts more than tourism places...

coz they are more attractive...

Reason the girl gets angry~ great matrix

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