Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sushi Wednesday~

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today made sushi...

erm.. not that successful..coz forgot to pray 1st.. lol

just learnt once 4 yrs ago, taught by zijing. special thanks to her.

get ready with the ingredients and tools

not enough seaweed, so i put them

oh noo.. very ugly...

hope yuan yuan like his lunch today~

my own bento ..

wasabi + soy sauce + honey

praise God, they are eatable ..


Birthday celebration

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10pm, Jing Ying msn me, discussing the church "Young Ladies meeting" proposal..

suddenly I remembered today is her birthday!!! how come she so free at home??

so, i called secret recipe cafe at Melaka Raya and asked for their operating hours.."we open till 11:30pm"

OK! then i asked jing ying to get ready and just two of us heading to town secret recipe cafe..

I was 1st wanted to bring her to Nadeje, but it was closed, so I have no choice but bring her to secret recipe..

amazingly, this cafe is different from the one in Mahkota Parade Shopping centre (which i have eaten 2 days ago)..

the cakes in this branch are very tasty.

so, i wanna take back my words saying that they are not

It was the one at Mahkota Parade that was not nice actually.

so, we ordered chocolate nudget cake and durian cheese cake..

they are really tasty!!!

she's super happy!!

we have great time together~

happy birthday, Jing Ying~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Relaxing yet busy Tuesday

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bought some banana from Pasar Malam yesterday..

so, after cooking the lunch... I tried a new recipe ..

Banana raisin oatmeal cake~

it looks fine when took out from the oven...

not sure abt the taste yet..


wow!!! this recipe was great!!!!!!!

it taste so nice!!!
yum yum...
it is so soft~

pack some for Yuan yuan to bring back to his office for his colleagues as Tea Break..

and also make the chocolate flavor banana muffins for my colleagues..

Praise God and Thank God !


here's the recipe:

Relaxing Monday

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most of us hate Monday...

Pity Monday... it's not your fault anyway..

well,27th Sept 2010 was a relaxing Monday for me, ..

woke up late in the morning and enjoyed lunch with my dear..

then heading to campus to do invigilation..

but too bad.. it was 3 hours exam..

pity accounting and law students..... all exams are 3 hours..

3 hours.. maybe not enough for the students but for us as the invigilators.. it was TOOOOOOOOO looooooooooong!!!!

I sit until my butt got flatten, stand until my leg almost get broken and wait until my mind almost get crazy..

3 hours... 3 hours...

finally!!! the exam ended at 5:30pm and I rushed to Pasar Malam and do some auntie shopping..

but too bad, it started raining when i got there, so, i have to hold the umbrella while carrying all sorts of stuff..

and after pasar malam, enjoy my favorite kuih~ dip with kaya,

tskk tskk tskkk.. it's really tasty!! ~ thank God for this kuih..

too bad yuan yuan can't eat this, coz he has stomach discomfort..

and my colleague gave me this today.. all the way from Taiwan...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Church~

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yes! it's Sunday again!!!

yes! time to worship God in church!~

met the two cow"ladies" when entering the church~

they are promoting the children vacation bible school in December..
I'll join too..but as the teacher....

Young musicians~ Great Band! playing planet shakers song today..

the bible reading bookmarks..

taking notes....

Pastor shared the sermon.. "By My Spirit" Zechariah 4:1-3

it's about the dream of a bowl with 7 channels gold lamp and 2 olive trees by the two sides..

bowl represents the church leaders, olive trees are God, olive oil produced from the tree represents God's spirit while the 7 channels are the community..the oils will flow from the trees continuously into the bowl, bowl collects the oil, so that the lamp will continue to be lighten up..

"Faithful leaders becomes the channel by which God's spirit work through to built his church and the church in turn be a blessing to the rest of the community"

1) God is faithful and can be trusted.
2) Do not despised the small thing
3) The spirit of the lord flow through his faithful servant.

I wanna be God's faithful servant!

Next week would be our mission trip to Pekan, and 14 of us comprises of some doctors and teachers, and others...

Pls pray for our journey mercies and pray that no mosquito will bite us.. ^_^

after the service, catching with one another while enjoying this nice kuih..

I'll find out who made those nyonya kuih every Sunday and I'll learn from him/her!!

the nyonya kuih from church was the best so far i've tasted in Melaka.

after the service, I join Yuan Yuan and his gang from Methodist church..

they are soooo young~

and sister Grace gave yuan yuan seaweed from Korea..

and tonight cooked fried rice...

make a guess.. potato??!!

not, it's an egg..

after dinner, eat gong biang~ ^_^

No mood to wash clothes?

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If anyone has no mood to do the laundry, I have a brilliant idea!


got 木 now...


Tiring yet happy day

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Well, we've been longing to eat Nadeje layer cake for soooooooooooo long.. so today we decided to take a break thr..

We went to Nadeje cafe at Dataran Pahlawan (DP)... and guess what.. ???

"bataannnngggg.....!!!!" (thunder storm during sunny day)...

the shop closed down !!!


i was suspecting this to happen as the location of that cafe wasn't strategic at all!!

aii....this is our favorite place to hang out usually.. aii aii aiii....
(click here for more pic of Nadeje Cafe)

but thank God, we still have the main Nadeje cafe at Melaka Raya..

so, since we were in DP, we jst have a window shopping...

and take a bite of donut at Big Apple after seeing my favorite greentea flavor donut..

oh.. it was delicious!!! I love it soooo much..!!!

after that we heading to Melaka Raya Nadeje cafe!!

guess was closed today.. T_T

but thank God it wasn't closed down.. ^_^

so, we had no choice but go to Mahkota Parade shopping mall as I wanna buy a present for my friend who is getting marry next week.

aren't they cute~??

I purposely ask Yuan Yuan to stand at the door coz i love the door so much!!

maybe i'll use that door as the reference for our future home!!

and we bought this :P
and writing their name on it~

hope they like this present as i find it very meaningful

especially the verses from holy scripture~

and we also saw this:

cute right?? Yuan Yuan and I agree to buy this when we have our home in future...

and I want to have this one too!!!

they were just toooo cute!!! so, he agreed them all.. lol

while waiting for the present to be ready, we had a short tea break + dinner next door at burger king restaurant....

yeah.. our first time together eating burger king.. !! after being together for 4 years and we never had burger king together before, amazing~ :P

and after picked up the present, we went to Thai Kuang book store and bought the wrapping paper for the present and we wrapped it there...


then.... we went to Secret Recipe.. coz I must have a slice of sweet dessert!!

and I ordered white-dark chocolate chese cake..

wow.. it looks yummy..

super happy when i got the cake...

let me try...
ok, it wasn't taste as good as I have expected..

again..terrible, horrible and vegetable....aii....

yuan yuan said Nadeje layer cake is hundred times better, but i think should be millions times better than secret recipe... kononnya secret recipe.. if they reveal the recipe i also dun wan to learn.. no more nxt time.. i've not eating secret recipe cakes for more than 2 years... after I found Nadeje layer cakes....

he was happy as he told me not to eat it .. and his guess was correct...
but he still has to help me to finish them all.. ^_^

and after that, we shopped around and went in a boutique, and he chose a dress for me!

and I love it so much!!! hahaha..... he knows my taste so well.. so, this is his present for me today~ yeay! Thank you, yuan yuan san!!!

and after that we plan to go off , but it started drizzling while we stepped out the mall, so we gonna stay inside the mall while waiting for the rain to stop.

and we went to MPH book store and look for some recipe books ..

and on our ways to the bookstore, we have the chance to watch the clown show
~this is before the show, the clown just walk around to entertain the children..

I was looking for some recipe books but there were too much choices..

totally can't decide which one to buy and consult Yuan Yuan for his opinion..
but .. he knows nothing abt it..

so, after spending more than half an hour in the bookstore, finally I made up my mind to buy these two chicken recipe books..
one from Asian style, while another one from western style...

then we continue our shopping to the Jonker street..

it has been so long we have not been there..

we were too late, the Chinese orchestra musicians were performing
their last song when we got thr..

they are great~! and I guess the foreigners enjoyed the music very much!
so, we continue to walk along the street.. and..this stall has attracted my attention...

yeah.. durian paste pancake (apam balik)..

not only durian, they have strawberry, and many many other flavors
which is quite similar to the waffle...

and i only tried durian...

erm.. sadly to say, it doesn't match at all....

it was just tooooo weird.. i wonder will it taste better if substitute the pancake with crepe..

yucks right?? full with durian paste...

and i gonna finish it all as Yuan Yuan doesn't like durian...

and guess where's our second stop??

yeah... this one... lol

dont be surprise.. we aren't the voter after being eligible for so long..

I wanted to register for the past few weeks in Post office but the officer wasn't available.. and today.. wahahhaha.. we finally got ourselves registered !!!

Praise God!and we registered together at Jonker Street!!!

amazing huh??

it'll be our sweet memory~

then we found a small park at jonker street, i think it was newly built..

where you can find nice big clean toilets at the park too!

and 1st time, we found grill lala and xi hangm and we decided to tried it..

it was soooooooooooooooo delicious!!!

then we continue to walk around and we found this shop !!!

handmade soap...

really nice smell and "nice" price ...

and I only bought 3 as they were too costly..

the white color is honey flavor.. the brown is rose, and the blue one.. erm.. i forgot..

i wrapped the white one and will give it to my friend Cindy next week.. hope she will like it..

It's really enjoying to walk together seeing new things and trying new food..

i guess this is the reason why we need to have more dating ...


and I wanna express my deeeeeeepest gratitude to my dear Yuan Yuan.

Thank you for willing to spent time and shop with me for more than 5 hours..

Thank God and praise God for his plan that we can have wonderful time together today~


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