Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lor Teen's wedding

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Lor Teen, a friend I know for so long that I couldn't recall how long we've known one another in the the I attended since 1st year in MMU.

She's really quiet but I like her so much because she's really really a kind-hearted girl. If u go to public bank near the city traffic light in melaka, then u can see her thr.

She has not much friends, 5 fingers can count. But praise God, she found a good husband. Her husband is twins, so, during the wedding day, I jst greeted without caring which one is groom.. coz they are too alike that I can't differentiate them.

Lor Teen + her mom

two candles, after married = 1 candle

Afican brothers & sister performance.. really nice!!!

Wedding Dinner

Lunch + Fruits

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Today's lunch really.. one word to describe - insipid!

Thank God, I have manggo as my dessert, given by my grandma.

really nice~ I miss my grandma again..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bible cover

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每个星期天崇拜,妈妈总是用手抱着她那厚厚,又有点破(证明她很勤劳读圣经)的圣经, 所以就决定做一个bible cover 给她。



然后就套在妈妈的圣经。没跟她说,不知她 会不会到处找她的圣经呢?哈哈~

有了这个Bible cover, 她就可以提着去,不必再抱着去教会了~

Last few days in Hometown

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During the last few days in hometown, my dad brought us to Pantai Remis makan seafood.

this is the shop name, the 1st shop before reach Billion supermarket.

my family + Aunt family = Big table

The seafood is sooooo fresh and nice!!!

then the last day in Hometown, I went to eat my favorite Kampuang again.

This time I drink "kuek sia wang"

it's some kind of leaves grow on land.. dunno what's the name.

very nice oo!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My hometown Day 3

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I back home on Tuesday nite.

until today, guess what I did?

I do cooking, sweeping, mopping and folding clothes..

I'm now the Temporary house helper as my house helper went back Indonesia for Raya.

Back to hometowm 3 days.. finally, i got the chance to eat my "Kam puang" noodles with "bie nvk " in laksa soup.

wailooll... sooo nice meh!!

Today, my 2nd & little sister finally back.


my 2nd sister, Tien tien, prepared the fruits plates after dinner tonite.

My dad cook duck soup...

home sweet home ahh~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Vocal People

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one word.. INCREDIBLE!!


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Not sure where I bought before, but this time round I decided to make my own one.
Why suddenly wanna make Doriyaki leh??
not because I watch Doraemon cartoon, but because of my rean bean paste!
I bought a pack of red bean paste coz I plan to make moon cake..
but, after seeing the method... my head grow one inch bigger..
It just take so much kung fu to make it.
so, I use my red bean paste to make other things.
when I'm really free, only i'll make my moon cake.
Well, Doriyaki is healthy because no oil or butter or margerine..
(but still will grow fat if eat too much,
no, i should say face will grow rounder like the doriyaki shape! )

If you notice, Jusco also got sell, but RM1 for one. Really expensive!!
we made our own, u can add as many red bean paste as u want,
or u wanna change to green bean, yellow bean or blueberry jam or strawberry jam
or kaya or peanut butter + chocolate (sounds like waffle)

most important girls, when u become mommy next time, u can make this for ur children, then they can bring to school and will avoid eating those junk food.
Then your children will be very happy to school.

ok, I think I've crapped too much..let's enjoy the show..









TAdaaaaa... very nice and delicious!
my brunch and tea break tomorrow!!
best serve with green tea / milk!

(**pls translate in google translator for English version)

Friday, September 11, 2009

New container + old pencil case

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Currently, I'm using this big pencil case.

1st because it has handles, i can grab it easily.

2nd, it's big enough. I can even put in my calculator.

3rd It's a product from lovely lace.. can't get anywhere else now because it's out of stock, so no one use the same pencil case with me.

This pencil case very useful.
the reason i bought it last time because of the little pouch at the head .
I can put my eraser and document pins there.

but jst a bit small. maximum can put 5 pencils.

If I put in highlighter and ruler, it'll burst!

Just bought 3 containers 2 days ago.

yellow one is made in China, while the blue squre box with 4 compartments is made in Korea.

No wonder the price of the 2 yellow container = 1 blue squre container.

blue container is for Cindy as her christmas Gift.

Sakura House

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Today is a special day..

because ....


I nearly lost the way but thanks to Liyen Sis, she managed to show me the way.

so, we order and wait while drink our free hot tea...


assorted sushi at RM7

very very delicious!!

Pork chop bento box RM6

manyak Delicious!!

the rice is just too nice !!! I love the rice!!!

I love to eat here so much because it looks like picnic!!!

the food are arranged in bento box nicely, so complete.

vege, rice, meat.. all in one. (too bad no fruits )

most important, the rice is seperated, so that i can eat the pure rice again!!

so nice!! so nice!! can picnic!!!!

Fried prawn bento box RM6

extremely delicious!!!

dessert : green tea ice cream!



Total Rm20 instead of Rm20.50

1st time eat dinner got discount one. hehehe..

this place is highly recommended!!

But you need to make reservation before u go.

Sakura House, Taman Desa Duyong, Melaka

Sakura House
24, Lorong 8, Taman Desa Duyong, Melaka, Malaysia.
Telephone/Facsimile: +606-268 1271/+6019-687 1468 (Mr. John Chong)

A new website to find Food..

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This website introduces a lot of nice food in melaka, KL and even Johor..

Thanks to it, i know where to hunt for dinner.. hehehe

Monday, September 07, 2009


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Last week I not only went to KL to meet up my friend,
but also do my facial at Star Hill.

The beauty parlor named Kanebo.

well, cindy help me bought the facial package at RM180 (facial + hot stone spa + 1 lipstick)

at 1st i felt so "heart pain" to spend nearly RM200 on facial..


when I got in, sit down, flip through the menu,

Just realised that the facial itself cost RM288!!!

and I only do it for RM90!!

so, it soothed my heart a bit ..

so, I waited there and they gave me a welcome tea..

the tea is sweet and sour (not only got sweet sour fish, sweet sour tea also got)

with 2 pieces of dried peach.

when I saw the tray with tea and the fork, I felt sooooooooooooo excited & happy!!


because i can picnic in facial shop!!!!!

( i think u might think that i'm gila, but i think u'll feel the same if u are there)

The fork is so cute!! I was about to ask where they bought the fork, but thinking that i'll still be coming next month, so i better dont do something which will make ppl think i'm a barbarian.

go facial shop, not the facial products that put besides me attracted me but the fork ah, cup ah.. tray ahh. and the "floor sink" that attracted me.

I think.. i'm really ...getting like aunty..

ok, back to the story,

then i eat while soak my leg in a "floor sink"

(syok nya!!! next time i must make one in my own house!)

really good idea!!

so, can u imagine, in an air con room, with hot tea and soak in hot water...

only one word in ur mind..

"wahhhhhhhuuuu~ ~"

relax and release all ur tension.

then, I continue for 1 and half hour of facial with shoulder massage.

i think, this is the best facial i have so far..

Star Hill, really no play play..

next month will go again to do my hot stone spa...

ps: too bad they dun allow me to take pic, else i can show u.

last but not least, thanks to cindy for recommended me this wonderful facial!!

Recipe for Swiss Roll

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1) mix water (3 TBsp) + vegetable oil/cooking oil (1 TBsp) and stir until the mixture turn white.

2) add in sugar (1 TBsp) and stir till all the sugar dissolved.

3) sieve in flour (45 g / 6 TBsp) + a very little bit of salt and mix it well. DO NOT STIR TOO MUCH!!

4) add in 2 egg YOLK (one by one), slowly stir, mix the mixture then ok already. Don't stir too long, just count 5 times.

5)Preheat oven 180 degree at 20 min

6) beat 2 egg WHITE , add in sugar little by little. Beat until it will not drop down from your mixer. Use a glass instead of bowl as it will rise after beat.

7) fold in (6) into batter (4) [this process take about 1 min only, do it as fast as u can to avoid air in egg white release ]

8) pour on the baking tray (apply a sheet of baking paper on baking tray)

9) bake until turn golden. (ps: put one more empty tray below to avoid over burnt as the bottom fire of oven is stronger)

10) cool it and apply jam and roll it and keep in fridge.

11) cut and serve.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


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Tonight I eat so many food!!

Honey sauce fish rice

Penang Asam Laksa

Longan + "snow ear"

Lunch On Sunday

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Today still the same, dabao: rendang curry, potato and white rice

because no time go pasar buy vege..

but tonite, i must eat something nice.

Happy Sunday~

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What time do you wake up on Sunday?

What do you do at 7am on Sunday?

today, I made Swiss Roll at 7am...

Not sure why I wake up suddenly..

at 6am..


I roll myself on the bed for 1 hour..

give up and wake up...

thinking what to do..

then open my laptop..

continue with what i was looking at last night..

Swiss Roll recipe..

so, I brought my laptop and put on dining table, and start doing swiss roll..

Wireless is so convenient~

just look at the recipe online from laptop while making my swiss roll

it's really easy..

you can check the recipe at 菜虫mm做的蔓越莓瑞士卷


after bake... let it cold

this side is nicer, so we make it as outer skin

apply my favorite Blueberry jam..
really got blueberry inside one..

then roll it up like rolling sushi..

then put in fridge for 20 min.


nice lehh... of course must put on nice plate as well

let me introduce u my another buddy, Square plate. ( bought at Daiso at Rm5)

eat with my freshly squeeze orange juice

I must intro you this little glass..

I bought it 5 years ago, I name it Little angle glass.

they are in pair actually, but 2 years ago i accidently broke one of them.

so only left one now.. and I can't find such cute little glass anymore..

If happens you find any glass look like this (i mean the shape, not the pictures on the glass),

pls sms me or email me or leave ur msg in my blog to let me know abt it, I'll buy one dozen!

So, I have wonderful breakfast on my bed this morning..

Happy Picnic on Sunday~~

after eat, I go church.. hehehehe.



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