Thursday, April 30, 2009


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p/s: 感谢神赐给我这么好的一位父亲。。我一定也要找个像我爸那样的好男人!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nice Food in MMU melaka

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Just found a stall selling nice Istanbul food at MMU melaka campus..
it located at the foodcourt next to Exam Hall..
I've not been to that foodcourt for few years..
and today I got my wonderful lunch~ yummy~
Pineapple juice and Mango juice.. tumb up!
Istanbul kebab i think..dont know what's the name..
very nice spaghetti.. yum~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

He knows my name

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The lyrics is really meaningful

Yiruma's version

He Knows My Name - Yiruma

I have a Maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in his hands

I have a Father
He calls me His own
He'll never leave me
No matter where I go

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And He hears me when I call


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最近在网络上看到一些脑筋急转弯, 蛮有趣的。。



2. 什么书买不到
3. 在一次监察严密的考试中,有两个学生交了一模一样的考卷。主考官发现后,却并没有认为他们作弊,这是什么原因
4. 如果你说出它来,它就不见了,它是什么
5. 哪一种竹子不长在土里
6. 谁总是脱掉干衣换上湿衣
7. 什么人是不用电的
8. 八岁的小萱萱在百货公司和妈妈走散了,你猜他到服务台说了些什么话,竟引起大家哈哈大笑
9. 根据调查,发现本国各地在同一时间,竟然有许多人说着相同英语的奇怪现象,这究竟是怎么一回事呢
10. 什么鸭子用两只脚走路
11. 用三个3组成一个最大的数
12. 老张不小心吞了一枚金币,为什么到十年后才去手术取出来呢
13. 为什么大象只有一只右耳朵
14. 吃饭的时候最扫兴的是什么
15. 什么东西薄薄一片,只有0.2公分,但是它可以装进你想要放的东西
16. 二三四五六七八九
17. 何种动物最接近于人类
18. 弟弟得意地对姐姐说:家里有一处地方,只有我能坐,你永远坐不了,弟弟说的是什么
19. 有一种动物,你杀了它却流了你自己的血,这是什么动物
20. 什么东西人用完了很快会回来

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New gadget

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just bought an external hard disk today at PC fair..

RM255 at 320 G

Brand: Western Digital 

I like it.. match my white color laptop..

I got white camera, then laptop, now external hardisk...yeah.

next...white house..

My colleague Choon Yih's wedding dinner at Avillion Melaka

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Ying San and me
Cheers.. blesssing..
Everyone are waiting the dinner to start...came too early..
at the registration foyer..nice..
here's the wedding hall
the cake
this cake is fake one~ 
no wonder I can't get the eat the cake that night.

the table..with some chocolates in the golden box
1st dish..

opps...i forgot take the bride and the groom's pic...ngiao ngiao ngiaoo....

Soya Yogurt

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it's really.................super duper.....yucks!!!

totally not nice at all!!

but for the sake of healthy, i ate it .. until wanna vomit...

friends, never buy soya yogurt... 

i'd rather buy a yogurt, then mixed with soya milk become "soya yogurt drink".

1st time making Bun

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Just tried to make cheese bun and Cinanmon roll for the 1st time...succeed!!! but no so good looking la...

I got the recipe from Ohbin@Cheese Sticks 芝士条

I use rice cooker pot to make the i couldn't find any bigger pot at home..

half is cheese bun another half is cinanmon roll.

i think i've made too much..

after baked...


bear palm..

some are burnt..

dabao..too much d... give away at the end..can't finish...

Big Apple Donut at Dataran Pahlawan

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Jalan jalan at Melaka Jonker Walk

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cheng Ho museum.. just next to Sam sok gong

the Tart shop..selling all kinds of tarts, I love its Blueberry tart..

inside sam sok gong, now we have a mini cafe..Lao Qian Ice Cafe..
at 1st thought of buying the Durian cendol.. but it costs RM5.8.. too didnt buy it.

the view of the cafe counter..
Since Sam Sok Gong open a new branch at Jonker walk (after the bridge ) it's really better..

Buffet at Jogoya, Star Hill

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Thanks to Eelin for giving us the buy one free one voucher

Thanks to Cindy for flying all the way to Rebung to get the voucher from Eelin..(really touch..)

we need to reserve a seat at least one day before..

this fish is so big!!! the fish head is bigger than my body..

Cindy's head + Fish head

many kinds of food..but..not really tasty..

lobster...but for VIP member only...

drink as much as u can..but i dont do that..else other things cannot eat liao..

waiting for my California roll..

strawberry, coconut and mango pudding..

all kinds of kochi...muachi..and chichi...

all kinds of cookies...

different kinds of cakes..

jst take little..

pudding + gui ling gao

Oh..whenever i see this pic, i wanna vomit..

this is my 1st time eating oyster..yucks!!!

i put it in my mouth 3 times, and i still unble to swallow it...

only barbarian will eat this...

feel vomiting now.. yucks!!!

not bad...but too salty..

u can do steamboat as well.. this steamboat pot is really small...jst a normal bowl size..


many kinds of food but taste so so only..
environment too dim..
haigenDaiz ais cream not bad...haha.
not worth it..coz i spent RM50(include tax) but i only eat a little bit coz too full.


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