Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tasty Waffle - JOJO waffle

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waffle is my favorite food, I've been trying so many waffle in Melaka. Yet the best one i got so far located at a new university campus named.. Utem Melaka. The stall is managed by a group of Utem students namely JO-JO waffle... you can email them at jojofoods@gmail.com
not sure why they put jojo as the name, but the waffle really tasty, crispy and yummy...
U can choose many flavors, but my favorite is Peanut butter + blueberry... super duper tasty..
Thanks to yuan yuan for dabao for me.... nice!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flower TEA 桂花八宝花茶

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桂花八宝花茶 (given by Cindy again)

Dream Box at Dataran Pahlawan

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Happy Birthday to Nya Ling

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Her name is Nya Ling ( Christine)..
She is my officemate..
19 March is her birthday..
Nya ling, Happy birthday to you!
p/s: I made the cake..but not really nice..haha.. she said can pass la..

Mini High Tea in office

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Green tea + oatmeal raisin cookies.. enjoy~
when economy is getting worse, we better save more and spend less..
Cut down having tea outside but make my own "high tea" in office help me save a lot.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working & Playing & studying + enjoying in Office

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I like my office very much, because it's really quiet..
enjoy dark chocolate (given by Cindy) + milk at office at night.

working hard but still can enjoy my hot drink with this newly bought expresso cup ..

The table lamp given by my colleagues. it makes the environment very romantic..

有朋自远方来- Part 2

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我这个朋友hor,真的很有心啦,回家乡都不会忘了drop by Melaka 来探望我。。
哎呀,其实她的心不在我这啦,而是恋上 Nadeje。
Nadeje open a new branch at Dataran Pahlawan (DP). It's at the top of DP. very quiet and peaceful.. a nice place to relax..




today's special

banana layer cake

Dark coffee.. but really bitter..

The tea named 'THE"

Original flavor... I still prefer Rum raisin flavor..

The menu

Xue ni & MOk Chen
this picture really nice, boleh buat pameran...

hiao hiao version

Then she jst drop by to eat nadeje and balik to KL liao..aii...what a fren..lol..
哈哈哈, 开玩笑啦。。。谢谢你们来探望我哦!


祝你们恩恩爱爱,我想以后你们结婚时,蛋糕一定要用Nadeje 的。。。

March Birthday Friends

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Ah shou + Ah Well on 9th March
we had pizza at Pizza Hut Batu Berendam

Countdown at mamak Bukit Beruang

2nd: LYnn
11th March

Lynn, make a wish...

3rd: Jayden (Huay's son)
Huay Huay's family

Yen Yen with Jayden

another mommy, Wendy + Joshua

See the backdrop?? drew by Huay Huay...
What a creative Mommy

The cute birthday cartoon birhtday cake

Friday, March 13, 2009

cooking lesson

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