Sunday, May 31, 2009

Steamboat at hometown

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this steamboat located at Simpang Lima, name "liu shen zhang' 

hok chew pronunce as "lao xin jueng"

too bad I can't eat prawn..

my grandma and my aunt

my aunt's daughters

After accident, I reach home safely the next day. At night, I fetch my grandmother to buy her stuff and visit my aunt ( my grandma's daughter).

My aunt treat us dinner. She just got to accept the Lord Jesus, I'm so happy, she share her testimonial with us and I almost cry because God's love is so great. Tonight, she'll share her testimony in my kg chapel. Praise God.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

车祸记 Car accident

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Thursday 28 May 2009, zhong Yi and I were on the way back to our hometown. 

We departed at 6pm and when we reached Subang around 7:30 on the highway, we "kissed" another car.

at the fastest lane, the car in front suddenly stopped, we break but the car drag and hit the car in front. Total 4 cars are involved in this accident.

Well, when I knew we couldn't make it to stop, I jst cover my face with pillow and prepare to let our car hit the front car.

Airbag came out but burst because the impact is too much, and Praise God, zhong yi and I are alright.

It happened so fast that I couldn't even have time to shout "God, save us!"

but I have peace when we wanan hit the car, maybe because I dont have time to think at all, it was too sudden, too sudden that we couldn't have time to react.

But thank God we have "tindakan refleks" that Zhong yi still concious and calm to break the car and pull the hand break, while me still know using the pillow to cover my face (because I brought a pillow with me). 

When both airbags burst, (i think maybe we hit the airbag), white smoke came out. I quickly shout "open door and get out, it's going to explode!!" hahaha... so innocent right, but 1st thing come out from your mind is to run for live. We dont even know that the white smoke is from the airbag. 

ok, airbag burst, but safety belt saved us. 

Thank God, zhong yi is totally alright, while me only have little scratch on my forehead and cheek and my nose. 

the front glass on my side crack but didn't break. I check the cracked front glass, it break from outside and not inside, meaning I didnt' hit the front glass. Wow, the pressure or impact from outside when hitting is so terrible. I've cover myself with my pillow, but yet i still got scratch on my face, I don't know how this has happened. 

was it the pressure from outside? or the very mini piece of front glass hit my face..

whatever it is, Thank God I brought my pillow!!! if not, i'd have die or lose my face!!!

can you imagine? after I cover my face with pillow, yet I still got scratch!! Really Thank God I brought pillow!!! 

while at zhong yi's side (driver seat), thank God the front glass didn't cracked or broken, if it break at his side, he surely get very serious injure.

I really want to praise God for this, because He saved us from the accident. 

here's the little injured, from the car which quite seriously or badly damaged, we really praise God that we are totally safe. 

Thank God, no more car hit us from behind, my laptop and many important stuff are in the car boot. 

"Dear God, thank you for saving my life and tell me that live is so important. Pray in Jesus name, Amen"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shifting to new office

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a mini pantry too

After 3 years, finally I shifted to a new office. 

last time I should have change the room, but I request not to change until there's really a need.

I asked God why should I change the office because it's really tiring to change from 1st floor to 5th floor...

God heard my prayer and I remain at my old room at last..

2 months later, I start to open my mind and accept things that come to me..

and today I received email from admin to ask me to shift to the new room, and I accepted with rejoice heart...

reason? I'm not sure why this time I feel happy to shift, but now I totally know why God shifted me to the new office.

my new office is double bigger than my old office, it reduce my pressure because my previous office is really small and feeling pressure. Moreover, I can even have a mini pantry corner  and the room mates are my good friends and they are all fighting for master like I do. So, at least I can get motivated and ask them if I face any problem or difficulties. 

sometimes, if we think in good way, things really are much better than we thought. 

God has his plan for us. 

what we need to do is just to pray, if it's still happen the same way, we just need to open our heart and accept it. 

I did it and I'm glad I obey God. 

I'm happier than in my previuos room.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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this is my dinner tonite with my new container bought from Melaka Mall Parkson.

Sweet sour fish, Pumpkin, long bean fried with eggs..dabao from MMU corner food court (food court behind 7-11 bukit beruang.)

Maybe will drink green tea...

after that...gonna work again..


Tea Break

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Not sure how many of us still eating crakers with Milo today..

I still remember, this is my breakfast when I was in Primary school.

It's really nice when the craker soak in Milo and eat together... really delicious..

this is what I have today as my tea break..

maybe tmr will have Milo + egg... this one really great!! 

Show you tmr~

Monday, May 25, 2009

Map of Melaka

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My friend is coming to Melaka soon and he didn't know the route from one place to another,
 so I draw this map for him... 

Amazingly, he understood..hahahah!!

Do you understand??

Dream house - the back

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This is one of the hotel in Bali, it's not a luxury one but I took the picture because if I have a house, I'll make the back of my house something like this. I'll make a little living room or study room at the back of my house and make them a relax room..

Problem of Malaysian houses: 
they tend to extend their kitchen which actually we can make it a place for our own private relaxing time... aii aii aiii...

but anyway, I'll make this.. 

only if I own my own house...

*click to enlarge the picture 

(it's not that clear as I use "paint" program to draw this )

Supermarket In Ubud , Bali

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Interesting way of selling eggs huh??

but at last I didn't buy it but bought 4 packets of "straw"... 

I'll show you why I bought the time..


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I bought this at Bali... 

why I bought?? coz this is the only thing same with what I eat in Malaysia...

After bought, look carefully...

only I realised ...

"Rasa coklat yang DAHSYAT"

My Hair

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this is my current "hair"_no_"style"

long front hair.. but quite irritating as I need to pin it before i go out, 

else, i wont see the way...

just read a magazine about short front hair, or what we normally called as "front fringe". The magazine did mention a point that by having front fringe, one's eyes will look bigger, and that's why it makes the girl look cute and sweet.. question is...

Shall I keep? or shall I cut??

aii... hair ahh hair... u teach me what to do..


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Starting last week, I've been invigilating many exams.. today is my 3rd invigilation.

Coincidently, I met Hohozai , Florence and Pei Wen.

today is their last paper.

Congratulation~ They graduated~

This reminds me the day I took my last paper, I felt lost but relieve.

1st thinking come to my mind, "finally I've finish the exam starting from kindergarten until University, hebat betul... exam for 20 yrs...enough enough!! Hurrayy~~~!!!"

who knows, 2 months later I register for Master course, so, exam night mare is still moving on..

How I wish to quickly complete my master as soon as possible... 

PhD?? nxt time bahh..

ok, time to do my master now, update my blog again tmr..

hope you enjoy reading ..haha~ ^_^

Happy Sunday

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The sky is bright..

the wind is soft...

Let's go to church~

Sunday~~ it's a happy day~

I made myself a sandwich with Tomato juice before go to church..

chocolate bread (can get from bread station, it's a new bread) + cucumber + lettuce + Cheese + tomato = Yummy Sandwich~

tomato Juice *_* (not that nice, but for healthy purpose, bo bien.. gonna drink also)

Thank you Lord for the wonderful breakfast..

Why I make tomato juice??

because I bought this book lor.. 

the 1st juice at the cover page is tomato juice, just nice the glass also same with mine...

The Moral of the story... "Never judge the book by its cover!!!"  -_-|||

This book is recommended as it tells you what fruit is "cold" or "hot" or what vegetable juice is good for digestion, prevention of cancer... and blaaaa time to read also..


Rice + Corn fried egg (yes, it's corn fried with egg, eatenbefore? this is my 1st time!!)  + pumpkin (my favorite) + potato = vegetable day

Bak zhen soup~

An ku kuih as desert taken from Church...

It's really a Happy sunday~

Hope you enjoy your Sunday too ^_^

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 1- day 4 in Ubud, Bali

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Ubud is much better because it's cooler and peaceful...

Kuta.... not really like it... 

Haven't been Nusa Dua, because cannot stand, too we end up cancelled the last day tour.

Nusa Dua is full with nice hotel, maybe nxt time i'll go again and travel around Nusa Dua.

The best is Kintamani Mount + Batur Lake view.

You'll be amazed by the creation of God. I'll go again Kintamani and maybe stay nearby thr. 

I'll never go Kuta again!!!... boring... extremely... nice beach but full with seller keep bump to u ..."medicure??" " surfing, sir?" "where you from? malaysia??"

"no no, dun wan, dun wan"

" come come  Cheap  cheap, discout for u, come come"

(really beh tahan!)

"dun wan , dun wan, just wanna walk wallk" ,

 "it's ok, come come, cheap, cheap very cheap price"

"massage? very nice, cheap cheap.."

" #$#$%@#$%^&*&%$##@@!!!!!"

When you wanna buy buy dress...

"how much??"


"discount can?"

"okok, cheap for you RP145,000" (meaning 5,000 different, only RM1.67 difference)

" no no, too expensive...."

"okok, how much you wan?"


"ohhh , cannotttttt..... i bankrupt!!!"

"tak apa, tak mau, thank you ya..." then start to walk to nxt stall...

"okokok, 35,000RP, last price"


"30,000 RP"

"dun wan" then turn and walk away...

"30,000 last price, very cheap already "

" ermermnmnmm... pls..... pls...25,000RP , i dah check Ubud market, Sukawati market, 20,000RP...ermmnmnmmnmmm .....plssssss?? " ( with very "hiao/ miang" voice)

"okokok, 25,000RP......rugi!! !@@#$$%%%^"

"where got rugi??? "  (^_^ ..hahahaha... i got it~)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Purse

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Spent RM111 on this purse.. hope that this time my purse can last at least 5 yrs.

Ready to go back Malaysia

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due to influenza A H1N1, I gonna wear mask on the way back to Malaysia. 

scare scare ahh...

Nice Fried rice

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Bali produce lots of rice... very nice rice. 

this is the best Balinese fried rice~ really nice~

Art in Bali

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There are many good painters in Bali especially in Ubud.

more updates coming soon...

Avocado juice

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this is what I drink in Bali, Avocado juice based chocolate..

really nice, after 6 glasses in 2 days, make my skin so soft and smooth.. nice!

best thing I had in bali.


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very tasty spaghetti, yummmy~ thanks to yuan's really tasty.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Konyaku Jelly

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One of my Favorite jelly is Konyaku Jelly.

Thanks yuan yuan for making it for me.

Orange flavor Oatmeal cookies

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吃腻了原味的,所以今天就做了orange flavor的。。 不错~ ^_^


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从Melaka Mall 的面包店买的。。 



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妈妈,祝母亲节快乐,蒙恩~ 我爱你~谢谢你!

Saturday, May 09, 2009


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昨晚在我家厨房发现的,虽然有点变态拍这样的照片,但我相信没几个人看过吧,所以就无私地share 给大家看。。^_^
Science class...

可爱的是,平常蟑螂看到人类,会马上闪开。这次我用扫把赶它们,但它们都不分开,紧紧地黏著对方慢慢逃。。 -_-|||  需要这么恩爱吗?


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在office享受热藤藤的汤面,人生一级享受,但吃完以后就要开工了。 T_T


Friday, May 08, 2009


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今天忙里偷闲,到MP 隔壁的文化小贩中心吃点心(下午茶),买了龙眼糖水+饺子。。

卖相不错但味道太差劲了。。 没有第二次。。


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salad prawn

肉碎豆腐,超级棒!! 真的很好吃!! 100%


地点就在Semabok, Italy 面包店的后面。

Gift Exchange

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Thank you Cindy for giving me so many gift! I love them all.

Cindy and I have always exchanging for gifts with one another. When I see nice stuff, I'll get one for her and so does she. 

I think this has been our tradition and We both enjoy it very much. 

They ain't expensive stuff , but it's the heart showing that we care one another.

Winter Sonata

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大学时,Hui Fang 曾到我家,看见这美景,就把这美景命名为'Winter Sonata"。 由于马来西亚没冬天,这美景仿佛就像雪花飘落一样,我会继续期待每一次的Winter Sonata。。


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These little kids from Bukit Beruang Methodist chapel will graduate in May 2009. I'll miss you guys. Thank you for your care, love and companion. May God guide your way and Wishing you a blessed future.

Secret recipe Lasagne

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Last week was Lasagne week for Secret Recipe, so I tried it at Secret Recipe Jusco.

Plan to enjoy the meal while online, but i end up shifting 3 tables (because I was looking for the plug for my laptop).

Sadly to say, it wasn't taste as good as the one I had in Sitiawan Secret Recipe.


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今天在office 享受清凉八宝花茶,given by Cindy Lau.


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