Sunday, January 08, 2012

first thing we do 1.1.12

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1.1.12 00:00 Happy new year!!! Good nite!

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Monday, January 02, 2012

melaka wonderland 31dec 2011

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30 dec 2011

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Had lunch at movida melaka

-lamb chop + pasta

very nice lamb chop + mashed potato..

my pretty "princess"

couple T bought in Thailand few years back..and finally we have the chance to wear them..^_^

Wore couple tshirt.. Super cute one.. Bought from thailand few yrs ago...

Bought a hat (4.5).. A bag (rm9.5) a magazine and he bought 3 pairs of socks.. I bought a doll house too (rm45).. Expensive.. But we'll build the house together these few days.. Weee... Just sooo happy today!!!! Tmr will be another exciting day!!! Praise God!

bought at Mr. DIY at only RM9.50

DIY doll house~  will do this on the 1st Jan 2012

Yuan yuan gave me a surprise. . He bought me two classic flower cups.. Rm59.50 for two!! Super touched n happy..

hello Kitty room slipper

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Cold floor.. The best is to wear this!!!

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28 Dec 2011

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Dinner wif pei ling at secret recipe

Picked up joel n shop at Aeon Jusco

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Pj Hilton meeting Cindy Lau

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Meeting up cindy lau

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Christmas 2011

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Christmas card given by xiang yi

Marina island christmas countdown

Hometown church christmas night

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Tien Tien come melaka dec 2011

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Durian cendol

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