Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little toiletries

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I don't like to bring bulky and heavy bag.

so, when i go swimming, i'll try to make my bag as light as possible..

used the small container to fill all the toiletries .

a dental floss container (size is even smaller than a hand phone)

tadaaaa... using little container can save space and your energy to carry them.

ps: remember to label them o.

Somewhere in Melaka jonker street - interior design

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Yummy swissroll - green tea flavour

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high tea with a slice of green tea swiss roll from the Cottage Bakery..
very satisfy coz it's really tasty..
but after i read the ingredients, only i found that they add in colouring, so, i think i better make my own next time.
The 3 dots in brown are red green paste.. quite a good match with the swiss roll.. not bad ..not bad.. will try to make it one day.

Kam buang mee from Sarawak

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this kambuang mee sit airplane before reach to my mouth one.. no play play ah..

yummm...very tasty, thanks to yuan yuan dabao all the way from Sarawak.

but it became kuih, so can eat without using chopstick or fork..

Lunch at Plaza Siswa, MMU (Melaka)

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just found a nice food stall at the food court inside the campus.
This stall (forgot the name) located at Plaza siswa 1st floor, last stall, sell variety of western + malay food..
really nice~ I love Malaysia~
the potato i think is jst simply fried , and add with salt and black pepper..
it tastes superb! Cost Rm2.5-3.0, depends on how much you take.

the nasi goreng also nice~
Try it~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

CNY 2010

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father and sis

eat while vacuum

three kitchen ladies..

reunion lunch!~

back from church~

steamboat at cousin house

they planted these mushrooms.

syok sendiri..

never forget the words of God.

CNY sambil belajar..


gift from cousin.

bring grandama gai gai at night~

the end of story.. (papaya planted by my grandma)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


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Monday, March 15, 2010

Clear Toiletries case

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Looking for this kind of casing for so long, and I finally fount it at Watson.

the case is big enough to keep my toiletries (especially toothbrush!!) and make up set for travelling purpose.

Well, the price ain't cheap as it cost me RM16 for such a bag. But I think it's worth it as it's double layers and i can keep toiletries at the bottom level while the make up set at the top.

ps: I think i can keep my bento box with the utensils on the top layer or maybe other stuffs

Sunday, March 14, 2010

♥ 做到这些时再叫他老公吧 ♥

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男朋友和哥们吃饭不会想你在干什么 吃饭怎么办;老公和哥们吃饭会不踏实 时不时给你发信息,一遍遍告诉你他很快就会回来















taken from facebook.

ps: i can call Yuan yuan as husband very soon coz he did 90% of all these to me!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Lunch

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Lazy to go out today~ so cook at home.

banana milk ice blended + spaghetti

Ingredient for Banana milk
cocoa powder

frozen milk (buy fresh milk and freeze it!)

1st, put in the frozen milk + 3 very ripe bananas

sprinkle some cocoa powder


You dont need to add sugar as the ripen banana is sweet enough!

if you wanna keep it cool for longer period, chill the glass before use.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mini Bento

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One of the way to keep your diet is through bento.

Using small bento box can control the amount of food that will go into your stomach and control your diet.

So, I had a try today, dabao some food and guess what, actually it's just sufficient for my stomach and no over eat!

just realized that this little bag (from lovely lace) can be used as the bento bag. It fits well!

Will try on this for few weeks and see the effect.

New Gadget - HP mini

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Just got my new netbook today - Hp mini

well, it's a add on gift from my streamyx package. I upgraded to 1MB internet speed and signed for 3 years contract and this is the gift of it. Also mean i need to pay more now, instead of RM45 for 512 Mb speed, now i have to pay Rm66 for 1MB speed for the 1st 3 years, after 3 yrs later, i pay Rm76 for 1Mb speed.

RM76-RM45 = RM31 (if 3 yrs = 31 x 36 months = RM1116) but the price of this netbook is RM1500 +-, so it's kind of save RM384 only for the netbook with additional speed.

If you dont' need the speed and the netbook, it's advisable not to sign up but remain your current status.


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