Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morning Bun

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Today Lynn light us up thru supplying us breakfast with this Coffee Bun~

Thanks to Lynn. ^_^

Thailand hand made Bag from Hoho & Pei Wen

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Last night I got this present from Hoho zai and his gf Pei Wen.

I like it soooooooooooo much!!!!!

Thank you for buying this for me during your trip in Thailand.

Pei Wen chose it, she really got "eye light" , nxt time i must go shopping with her!!

Monday Dinner

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ou, tonite eat Bean curd, fish and egg with rice.

I've reducing eating fastfood or fry chicken or fry this fry that food.. cos they are not healthy..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Lunch + Dinner

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Today is Happy Sunday again.

After Sunday Service, I decided to cook myself a healthy lunch.

bitter gourd, green pepper and tomato

of course fried with eggs again....

I love vegetables!! it's tasty enough to eat with just white rice.


Tonight I tried a new spaghetti sauce...

traditional one.

top with Kraf cheese

and bake for 5 mins...

yummy ~

A blog to intro

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recently Vincent introduced me a blog by a photographer, name .. jun-xiang.

His photos really nice, if you like , take a look at his blog .

but after looking his blog and then look back at my own blog, I'll say in heart " aii...why my photos..aii ..."

Below are some of his photos taken from his blog.

the photographer, jun xiang, with his canon 40d

I like the sky that he took

this one can be postcard

I like this the most!!! it became my desktop background now.
( Jun xiang, do i need to pay for copyright?)

this one can be advertisement poster "jauhi lah dadah, sayangilah keluarga anda"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New family member

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congrates to my my cousin wei han becomes papa now~ ^_^

this baby boy is so cute~ chubby .. like me.. haha

for more info , pls go Weihan's blog

Friday, June 26, 2009

meeting with 张智诚

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tonite Zhang zhi cheng came to MMU oo..

so, i also act like little fans and shout lor..

got a chance to see him closer, quite good looking.

most important, listen to him singing live is really enjoying~ his voice is really good.

his voice is soooooo good..

hehe..closer to him...

went with heng heng and yen li and his fren..

tadaaaa.... i got pic with him.. too bad the camera man didnt took the photo properly..
but i also looked messy..so.. quite sad..

In rememberance of Michael Jackson, he sang the song " you are not alone" , very nice..

Muffin became biscuits...

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tonight made muffin, coz suddenly feel like eating muffins.

after bake the muffins, feel like eating cookies, so I add more flour and make it cookies...

add in flour , raisin + nestum oat.

eat while enjoy my reading..

if we learnt everything, when u wanna eat, anytime u can make and eat.

Bonus from working

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assist students , rewards for me.

我猜,我猜, 我猜猜猜。。

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昨天在pasar malam 买的,猜猜多少钱?


我给老板Rm10, 他找回我RM8

没错!RM2 罢了!!!!

可以进 那个什么 “XXX, believe it or not" 节目了。。。

Thursday, June 25, 2009


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today woke up early, but end up cleaning kitchen and do laundry.

make myself many kinds of juice, and then vege juice and sandwich as breakfast.

here are the fruits and vege

i drank this without using my tongue..
coz...it's tooo... yucks!!!

(bitter guard + orange + green apple + tomato)

this one is yummy.

i only had this for breakfast and dinner.

what to eat tmr???


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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nothing special tonite..still eat normal food.

Cereal drink with spirulina

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it's green color cereal... a bit weird, but taste not bad.

Thanks to colleague , Gerald Goh.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


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黑糯米 + 油条

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妈妈买了黑糯米 + 油条 给我当早餐,但是我睡醒已是lunch hour, 所以变成tea time。


Miss the fruits

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miss them all...

I'll go back hometown again..
fruits, wait for me~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Back to Melaka

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After long holiday, it's time to go back to work~

Malacca, I'm coming...

Father's day Sunday Service

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Happy Father's Day~

of course to my dad ...

nothing for him, so i feel a bit shame and actually church event help me to give the best to my dad.. thanks to church.

Tonight we have a special sunday service as we are celebrating Father's day.

More precisely, it should be Parent's day as we are celebrating both father's and mother's day.

so, tonite each father and mother will get a present.

my grandma presented a song and the youth also presented a song.

we have laughter and tears, it's wonderful night.

At the end, we have potluck supper (it should be dinner, but just a bit late when we have the meal).

after that, everyone left for home peacefully. Amen~

The worship team (bassist : chang jun, Pianists: my 2 sisters & drum player : my brother)

the congregation

The Teenager presenting their song

my brother & his fren Melinda

(does my brother look like me?)

their t-shirts are sooo cute n nice~

The potluck "supper"

My grandma's solo " I want Jesus" .

She told me as long as she has the voice, she wanna praise God thru singing.

so, although her key is not right, but God loves her coz she sang it for God.


DIY - little bag

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plan to make one for dad as Father's Day gift to put his glasses, but end up too "girlish",

so, mission FAILED~

My dad dun wan it... T_T

if I were my dad, i also wont use, but put it in cupboard...

haha ^_^
this one initially is for dad, but too girlish..so I end up give to myself..

my grandma ask me to make one for her to put her water bottle...

what a tough task...

help.. -_-

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My grandma's assets

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Nowadays, when we talk about assets, it could be car, houses, cash and shares that you hold.

however, my grandma's assets are:

papaya trees and other fruits trees..

her darling => banana trees..

lots of vegetables and pandan leaves


the labours are: 1) Kakak

2) my brother..

[ when I was teenager, I'm her only worker.. T_T, this is where I learnt]

today we plant corn...hehehe..



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