Friday, August 29, 2008

New Kampar Town, Perak

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The Grand Hotel in new kampar town, very near to UTAR at kampar.

the hotel room... very nice and cheap

shops that surrounding the hotel

the design is mainly based on Spanish architecture

4 storeys shoplots

the hotel itself

I ordered Durian milk shake... erm.. manager do this for me , no play play...

the dining hall

the bar

visit student at Kampar, Perak.


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Ipoh Nga Choi Gai

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the most famous Ipoh nga choi gai

the kwee tiao is so nice until don't know how to describe...

the chicken

the beansprout

beaf ball + fish ball

visit students at Ipoh (Industrial Training Visitation)
20 Aug 2008

biscuit + chair from Ikea

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chair that cost RM39, expensive, but very nice to sit~~~

The biscuit...erm...i can say special... Rm4.5

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Soya bean milk & flower

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Just found a stall at the overhead bridge that connects The Curve and Ikano
very surprise... soya milk + cendol, corn, red bean, pearl....

soya bean flower (dou fu hua) +lemon!! Cococrunch!! barley!!! sesame !!!

Unbelievable and don't dare to try...

If got soya bean flower with banana or durian, i'd like to try them...

amazing~ taste nice... i tried... jst that price a bit expensive for a cup of soya milk...

University Technology Petronas

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Located in the middle of Sitiawan and Ipoh.

1st time enter, quite amazed by its architecture design.

Thermos Chopstick

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Found colorful Thermos chopsticks at Jusco Ipoh, can't find in Melaka,
quite regret didnt' buy

Cost RM20 after discount...

lunch sets

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Found new lunch sets from Jusco... newly arrived...
actually there are a lot more design but i prefer these three...

inner look..consist of a spoon, fork and a pair of chopstick... quite good quality..

Cost RM19.90 (no discount)...

worth it?? still deciding which one to buy for...

can you give me some opinion??

  1. Barbie - outer casing nice.. suit a feminine lady like me..
  2. Barney - the purple color chopstick is so special...
  3. Dora - the chopstick is more pinky than Barbie chopstick

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Luncheon box

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Just bought a lunch box from Parkson.
It cost RM50
Jusco sells at RM60
so, better buy from Parkson..hehe..
here are some tips to prepare lunch box (in mandarin )

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dining set

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This is my new toy..haha.. I haven't got it.. will get it from Cindy when I go KL.
Why I buy this?? because everyday when I eat dinner at the hawker center behind my house, they give me disposable bamboo chopstick, the smell on the chopstick itself is too strong and cover the food's smell.
Moreover, it's disposable, so means will create more rubbish in our country.
So, let's save the environment by using your own utensils.
thank you~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tea Break box

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sometimes baby product can be used by adults too..
Bought from Watson RM9
The spoon is attached to the lid..
the size is just nice for you to put in handbag...
Also useful to keep leftover food, especially for girls who can't finish big portion of food..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

When I was young....

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I missed all these~~~


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