Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My talented friend - Jia Feng

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His name is Jia Feng , a very gifted man.

I know him from BBMYF 2 years ago but he's no longer here. He's now in US pursuing his undergrade in Psychology.

here are some old videos taken 2 years ago before he left to US. Enjoy.

For your info, He was 18 that year...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pavillion - Baskin Robin (ice cream fondue)

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10 types of ice cream flavor + fruits + cakes

wah...but too small..not enough for us...

Nini + ice-cream = happiness clear your tongue for the next flavor..

cindy + nini = 2 little girls

king kong again...

KLCC - vietnamese food

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ciku smoothy... RM12..dun play play ah..

it's cold, and not hot... feel weird..

a kind of fish ..

Cindy and I became king kong after the meal...

Beauty and the Beast

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I don't know how they make the beauty look exactly the same like the one in the
story book..amazing..
Cindy and I manage to rush for the last show of Beauty and the Beast.
at KL conventional hall...
Ticket price : Rm120 per person (it's really worth!!!)

Dataran pahlawan - sushi (same floor as carefour)

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with Stanley and his friend after movie

this sushi really nice...nicer than sushi king

yum yum...

Dataran pahlawan - Kopitiam

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curry noodle..

nasi lemak + rendang chicken


Christine + Nini

ice chocolate + hot chocolate drinks +ice coffee...
the chocolate drinks...super nice!!

Wendy and Baby Joshua (full-moon party)

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wahaha.. I got his 1st half naked pic~

cute Joshua + pretty Mommy, Wendy.

2 pretty mommys...

Huay Huay + her baby, Jayden

Happy family~ so sweet!!! (Lynn + Han Chun + baby Jayden)
looking forward to see their baby...

Wendy's nephew.. very cute smile..?? or cry??


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